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Miss Britain's "Syrian origin" prevents US from entering its borders - (Video)

Miss Britain’s “Syrian origin” prevents US from entering its borders – (Video)

“Al-Guds al-Arabi”: Miss Britain Lynn Clive, 29, denounced US officials for refusing to issue entry visas to her lands to attend an international beauty pageant because of her Syrian descent.

Clive, who lives in Heisel, east of Yorkshire in the United Kingdom, was scheduled to launch on January 15 with 57 contestants in the final of the 35th session of the Miss Marred Women’s pageant.

Clive, a medical practitioner, was given a visa by his family to travel to Las Vegas in the United States, but was denied a visa because he was born in Damascus, the BBC reported.

She added, “I applied for a British passport, I represent Britain and the UK, and I did not know I would be on the list of persons barred from entering the United States.” Visa, but was denied due to her place of birth.

Lynn was born in Damascus, the capital of Syria, and moved with her mother to the United Kingdom in 2013, where she studied English with a biology at Sheffield Hallam University, graduating in 2019, and is currently preparing for her final training to become a doctor. In the National Health Service.

Since arriving in the UK, Lynn has campaigned for women’s rights and refugees and as a television presenter, before being crowned Miss Britain in August 2020.

In a statement to the British “ITV” channel, Lynn said: “I’m very frustrated and sad, I worked hard for the competition for a whole year, it was hard and stressful work, and there was a team in support of me.” “This is not an appropriate reason to stop me from participating … it’s a feeling of frustration in a way,” he said.

Emma Hardy, a member of the British House of Commons for Heisel, commented on the ban, saying she was trying to intervene and try to rectify the situation, and urged the US embassy to “issue a timely visa to the British rival.”

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“I’m still optimistic, I know we’re out of time, but things would be different if someone from the embassy could see the application,” Hardy said.

If the issue is not resolved, it is the first time in 37 years that the UK has not been represented at the event.

According to the US government’s website, visa applicants from countries designated as “sponsors of terrorism” should be investigated by an embassy official, and the United States has appointed Syria as a state sponsor of terrorism.