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Missing Thomas from Brno: We have summarized the information on the case (Freshnews)

Missing Thomas from Brno: We have summarized the information on the case (Freshnews)

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Source: Czech Republic Police

Welcome to others Recent news. Once again, we’ve summarized important and interesting information for you from the last few days, so sit back and enjoy the new episode. Today, you will be guided by our moderator Martin, who will talk about events from the world of politics, sports or even fashion. So let’s get to it directly.

Unfortunately, we’ll start with sad news. Searching for the lost Tomáš Pospíšil from Brno It continues. The 15-year-old was missing from his family on Wednesday, April 14th, when he did not return home. In addition to police officers and volunteers, a helicopter equipped with thermal imaging has combed part of the city so far But in vain. We dealt with the issue in detail In this article.

In Freshnews today, we’ll also talk about Thursday’s event, organized by the Million Moments Association for Democracy. He calls A demonstration against the head of state, Milos ZemanIn response to his statement on the Verbitis case. The event will take place 18:00 on Wenceslas Square in Prague, But also in other cities across the Czech Republic.

And what else will you learn in Freshnews? We’ve got an invitation for you to two cool events this weekend, we’re going to show you a UFC injury that could make your stomach rock, and we’re also introducing you to a new part of our relationship podcast. Love is on air, Which this time devoted to the topic of pepper – masturbation. We wish you an interesting scene!

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Preview Image: Czech Republic Police