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Mississippi hurricane kills 26 people and destroys an entire city, and Biden declares emergency

Search and rescue teams in the US state of Mississippi continued the arduous task of digging through the wreckage of destroyed homes, commercial buildings and municipal offices, after the displacement of hundreds of people as a result of the hurricane that struck the state during the past hours.

Diane Creswell, director of the Federal Emergency Management Agency, is scheduled to visit Mississippi on Sunday to assess the extent of the damage. President Joe Biden declared a federal emergency after 26 people were killed by a series of hurricanes that struck the state and other regions and caused massive destruction.

John Boyle, FEMA Coordinating Officer, has been appointed to oversee the federal recovery process. After the emergency is declared, federal funds may be used for recovery efforts, including temporary housing, home repairs, loans that cover uninsured property losses, and other people and programs.

Destruction in Mississippi

And the Associated Press said that the hurricane destroyed entire buildings and homes, tore a church spire and toppled a municipal water tower, and as recovery operations began, the National Weather Service warned of the risk of severe weather on Sunday, including high winds, potential tornadoes and significant hail in eastern Louisiana, south-central Mississippi and south-central Alabama. .

On the other hand, Fox published aerial footage that showed massive destruction in the city of Rolling Fork, when the streets were filled with station cars, glass and bricks were scattered, and almost the entire city was destroyed.

Destruction in Mississippi
Devastation in Mississippi

The hurricane struck the city in the middle of the night while the residents were asleep and did not hear the sirens. For many, it was the sound of the noise of destruction that alerted them to a hurricane.

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The hurricane lasted from five to 10 minutes, but caused damage to the homes of many who are now living in temporary shelters in the area.