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Mitsubishi will revive the Ralliart brand, it wants to return to motorsport

Mitsubishi will revive the Ralliart brand, it wants to return to motorsport

The re-entry of the Autocar Server sports section has been confirmed by Mitsubishi CEO Takao Kato. “We have decided to renew the Ralliart brand for Mitsubishi Motors customers. It will mainly serve those who want more from our company.”

“For customers who really want to experience what Mitsubishi means, we will introduce accessories dedicated to the model lines and re-participate in motorsport events around the world,” added Kato.

The Japanese company used the L200 pickup for the presentation, which it turned into a Ralliart model with other photos referring to Ralliart Parts accessories. However, it is not clear if Mitsubishi intends to produce special Ralliart models or just modification of existing cars.

The Ralliart brand ceased to exist in 2010 after twenty-five years in the tuning and motorsport business. The decision was made for financial reasons at the time, but Mitsubishi’s motorsport legacy remains undisputed to this day. Legendary driver Tommy Makinen, who rode behind the wheel of a Lancer Evo and became the four-time successive rally champion, also linked his name to the Ralliart brand.

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