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Mock tests and confirmation of vaccination for a few thousand

Mock tests and confirmation of vaccination for a few thousand

I got the right information from Check Point Software Technologies, a major supplier of electronic solutions. Her research team regularly monitors trends on the so-called dark web, a hidden part of the internet that is invisible to search engines and requires an anonymous browser to access it.

Ads and discounts

Here, hackers trade personal data, credentials, credit cards, drugs, hacking tools, or stolen weapons. And now also with services related to Coronavirus.

“Cybercriminals are responding intelligently to the demand for vaccines and trying to avoid vaccinations. However, it should be borne in mind that trying to purchase a vaccine, vaccination certificate, or a negative coronavirus test by unofficial means is extremely risky. Hackers are mainly concerned with how users’ identities and data can be misused.

During the latest research, the team came across an ad offering false confirmations from the CDC. The bitcoin vaccination card had to be paid for to make tracking the seller more difficult.

The research team contacted vendors to obtain as much detail as possible about the entire process, delivery, price, and authenticity. Seller claimed that he conducted similar transactions on a regular basis and it was not a problem at all. To complete the transaction, it was enough to send the name and other details. And pay the money too.

Researchers also came across ads selling negative tests for covid-19. These tests are promised for foreign trips or for job seekers. Encourage some to purchase two exams and the third will be free after that.

Pirate activities will continue to grow

Zero is convinced that similar Coronavirus activities will increase. He noted that false tests and other documents complicate the fight against the disease. “We also warn against sharing vaccination cards and negative tests on social media, because everything can be misused and circulated on a dark net,” he added.

According to Public Relations Director Petr Cícha, Check Point informs the police or other relevant authorities about cyberattacks and cases in which the perpetrator can be arrested. “In these cases, the search for missing persons is not entirely simple, but when it is possible to trace the perpetrator, such cases are handed over,” Chesha told Brava.

They report to the police

The company directly notifies the organizations it targets about the cyber attacks. “When there is a possibility and it could have legal consequences, we inform the authorities, the police and the like. We recently reported, for example, a pair of hackers who could have bought an attack on a mobile device from them.”

According to him, the situation regarding the Coronavirus hackers is complicated in that the payments are made in bitcoins and tracking the culprits is very complicated. They say they can be successful the moment they make a mistake.