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Model Gigi Hadid's husband hit her mother and broke up with her

Model Gigi Hadid’s husband hit her mother and broke up with her

shook The life of Gigi Hadid, an American model of Palestinian origin, with a crack that began when her partner, British singer Zayn Malik, father of a 13-month-old daughter Khai, quarreled last week with his “mother-in-law” Yolanda, and the situation escalated to the point that he “beaten her”, according to what was reported Tuesday in a reliable American site, TMZ. The star and celebrity news specialist, and the host told him that Gigi’s mother is considering filing a complaint at a police station against Zain, who was born 28 years ago to Pakistani immigrant parents in Britain.

The echo of the news reached People magazine, which also insulted celebrity news of all kinds, issued by the American TIME magazine, so it investigated it and its followers, and learned from a source close to Gigi, who is 26, that the two partners decided to separate, which was read by “Al” in a report published by the magazine She returned and confirmed the news of the separation with a tweet on her “Twitter” account yesterday evening, Thursday, her photo is below.

A tweet confirms the separation of two partners who had a romantic relationship that lasted 6 years, and it ended abruptly

“People” quoted someone who mentioned that he was a friend of the Hadid family, describing him as good and cooperative parents since the romantic relationship between them began 6 years ago, when Zain was 22 and she was about 20, “But Yolanda wants to protect Gigi strongly, and she wants the best for her daughter and granddaughter.” From Zain, who went yesterday to his Twitter platform and denied in a statement that he had beaten the Dutch mother, Yolanda Hadid, who is known as a former TV star in the United States, and she gave birth to 3 children: Gigi, Bella and Anwar, who he married in 1994 and divorced after 6 years, and he Palestinian businessman Mohammed Hadid.

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Details are still unknown

On Twitter, Zain Malik also stated in his statement that everything that happened between him and Gigi’s mother, “included nothing more than an exchange of harsh words, and I strongly refuse that I hit her. I also refuse, for the sake of my daughter, to mention any other details, with my hope that she will return Yolanda considers her false allegations, and moves to address family issues in private.” Then he hinted at the separation, saying that he would “share” Gigi with their daughter, meaning that they would not be together anymore.

It is known about Zain that he bought a country house near the state of Pennsylvania, where the mother Yolanda resides, according to what Al was aware of from several American media outlets that touched on yesterday the news of his separation from the famous model, and in that house he was staying with Gigi. They raise their daughter “Khai”, who seems from his statement that he felt that their privacy with her “has been invaded”, which led to a quarrel between him and Yolanda, the details of which are still unknown. However, “infested” may mean a complaint from him, that Gigi’s mother is interfering with the affairs of his house and his daughter, a problem that may be the cause of the quarrel, and the reason for the beating, if it actually happened.