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Mohamed Anwar presents his first songs with Yousra El-Gendy (video)

Mohamed Anwar presents his first songs with Yousra El-Gendy (video)

The artist, Mohamed Anwar, released his first song, “Anto Kalkoa Keda,” with the artist, Yousra El-Gendy, through his official YouTube channel.

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A number of stars participated in the song, including Shaima Seif, Aws Aws, Akram Hosni, Suleiman Eid, Muhammad Tharwat.

Muhammad Anwar also announced his song and thanked all the participants in the song through his account on the social networking site Instagram, where he said, “The video clip of the song #Anto_Keda_Kalkoa Muhammad Anwar and #Yousra_Al-Jundi is now on my official YouTube channel Thank you to all the stars, guests of honor who honored us in the song.”

It is worth noting that Muhammad Anwar presented the series “Afbul Younis” last year, and the work starring Sarah Salama, Menna Arafa, Muhammad Ali Rizk and other elite stars participated in it.

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