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Mohamed Heneidy: I ​​will never do plastic surgery, and my new movie aims to make you laugh | news

The artist, Mohamed Heneidy, revealed the reason that prompted him to present the movie “Nabil El Gemayel, the Beautician”, which was shown a week ago in Egypt and the Arab countries.

Heneidy explained, in an interview with the “Asrar El Nogoum” program on Nogoum FM, that his film is mainly intended for laughter.

He said, “We wanted to make a film with the main goal, people laughing, through a coherent film, the picture is sweet, and a great and very simple director, and thank God the people came out very happy.”

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And Mohamed Heneidy continued: “The movie is my idea. I found myself not playing roles in which professions such as a doctor, a lawyer, or an engineer, and I said that cosmetic operations have now become dominant over the whole world with intense obsession, and there are really nice people who do these operations.”

He revealed his position on plastic surgery, saying: “I am with plastic surgery that has a treatment for risk or deformity, but otherwise I do not encourage this matter, and every age has its beauty, vitality, personality and experience, and I personally will not resort to plastic surgery.”

Mohamed Heneidy and Engy Ali

Heneidy touched on the participation of Rahma Ahmed among the heroes of the movie “Nabil El Gemayel, a plastic surgeon,” explaining: “Rahma Ahmed is a completely pure talent, and there was chemistry between us in 3 minutes in the movie. Lord of the worlds and a wonderful talent.”

It is noteworthy that the movie “Nabil El Gemayel, a beautician” is the idea of ​​​​Mohamed Heneidy, a screenplay and dialogue by Amin Gamal and Mohamed Mahrez, directed by Khaled Marei and starring Mohamed Henedy, Nour, Mohamed Salam, Ahmed Fouad Selim, Mohamed Radwan, Rahma Ahmed and Mahmoud Hafez.

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