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Mohamed Mounir sings in Abu Dhabi for the good land

After a long absence, the artist Mohamed Mounir returned to meet his fans in Abu Dhabi through the concert he performed the night before last in the Al Saha area of ​​the channel in the capital, in the presence of a large audience.

At the beginning of the ceremony, Munir confirmed his happiness to be among his fans, pointing out that he came to Abu Dhabi and before that he performed a concert in the capital, Riyadh, in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and he is scheduled to perform a concert in the Sudanese capital, Khartoum, next week. He explained that this matter reflects the meaning of the Arab singer to be with his audience and with his fans always everywhere, expressing his hope that he will sing in all the Gulf countries.

The great artist was keen to express his happiness at performing two concerts in the Emirates, one of which was in Dubai on February 19 and the other in Abu Dhabi the day before yesterday, through a tweet he posted on his Twitter account, in which he said: “I am proud that I am in the sister country of the Emirates to hold two concerts in a week. ».

The Abu Dhabi concert, which lasted for nearly an hour and a half, witnessed a great interaction from the audience, who were keen to sing with Mounir and dance to the tunes of his songs, chanting between the songs expressing his place as “the King” in their hearts, such as “The Great is the Great, we love you, Mounir.” The band’s musicians also excelled in presenting “solo” solo performances during the songs, with the encouragement and praise of Mohamed Mounir.

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Mounir presented a group of his songs, in which he restored part of his old days, such as “Ali Sotak Al-Ghana”, “Wasat Al-Daira”, “Sustenance on God”, “Shamandoura”, “People, People”, “Tonight, Samra”, and “My Love”. The color of chocolate”, before which he explained that every time he sings to brown people or chocolate, he means the good land and what is good in it, and not the dark-skinned.

Muhammad Mounir:

“I am proud that I am in the sister country of the Emirates to hold two concerts in a week.”

“My roaming among Arab cities reflects the meaning of the Arab singer, and to be for his audience and with him.”


A minute continued, the concert of “King” Mohamed Mounir took place in the Al Saha area of ​​the channel in Abu Dhabi.