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Mohamed Salah opened fire on himself and beating Real Madrid is the only solution (video)

Mohamed Salah opened fire on himself and beating Real Madrid is the only solution (video)

Mohamed Salah, the top scorer in the English Premier League and the Liverpool team, opened fire on himself and his statement was misunderstood when he confirmed that he wanted revenge against Real Madrid after the loss in the 2018 final after leaving the match injured after only 30 minutes, and Mohamed Salah added to the strength of his statements when Mohamed Salah said that he is better A player in the world at the moment, what did Salah want from these statements, and was it self-confidence or arrogance from the player!

Once the Egyptian star stated this talk and many football players criticized the idea of ​​revenge, even the players of his Liverpool team did not give much room to talk about it and stressed that they are completely far from this idea, including the Senegalese player Sadio Mane, who said when he was asked about these statements: “He is Mohamed Salah and not we”.

The captain of the Liverpool team, Huderson, laughed at Mohamed Salah’s statements, and the team coach, Klopp, also tried to downplay their value, and said: “No one worries about Mohamed Salah because he does not think about the 2018 final much, he was injured at the time, but now he is in good shape, all players They have different motives and that’s a good thing, revenge is not the only motive for Mo Salah, we want to set things straight, the 2018 final was a long time ago.”
All of these things made the Egyptian star in great pressure before the Real Madrid match, as he became demands in front of the public to actually win today against Real Madrid, otherwise it will be a source of many bad news.

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Things did not stop at this point, but the Real Madrid players also spoke, as the Spanish team’s top scorer Karim Benzema ignored Salah’s statements and confirmed that he does not think about revenge as much as he thinks of winning the Saturday match.

Real Madrid player Carvajal also responded to Salah’s comments, saying: “Let’s hope it will not be a heavy burden for Salah to lose again the Champions League final against Real Madrid. I don’t know if Salah or Liverpool are in the mood for revenge.”

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