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Mohamed Salah's participation with the Olympic team has not been resolved.. and this is the position of Mustafa Mohamed

Mohamed Salah’s participation with the Olympic team has not been resolved.. and this is the position of Mustafa Mohamed

Sports critic Zaghloul Siam, deputy editor-in-chief of the newspaper and website “Vito” and media coordinator for the Olympic team, revealed that the coach of the national team, Shawky Gharib, announced from the beginning his desire to include Liverpool star Mohamed Salah in the list of the Olympic team participating in the Tokyo Olympics.

And “Siyam” added during his meeting with the “Zamalkawi” program presented by Abdel Wahed El-Sayed on the “Zamalek” channel: “Mohamed Salah’s inclusion in the Olympic team is an honor for us.”

Mohamed Salah’s profile in Liverpool

He pointed out that a complete file was sent to Liverpool Club to announce the Olympic team’s desire to participate in the Tokyo Olympics list, after the Olympics draw was announced on April 22, 2021, explaining that the file sent to the Reds administration includes all the details starting from the first gathering of the team all the way to the three matches. In the first round of the Olympics.

Mohamed Salah’s desire and Liverpool’s position

He pointed out that the Football Association contacted Mohamed Salah and explored his intention, so the player expressed his desire to participate with the Olympic team in the Tokyo Olympics, stressing that the file of Mohamed Salah’s participation in the Olympics has not been resolved so far, whether with the approval of his club for his participation or his refusal.

Mustafa Muhammad’s position

He pointed out that the technical staff of the Olympic team is looking forward to Mustafa Muhammad Ali’s ability to persuade the management of his club, Galatasaray, to participate in the Olympics, stressing that the player’s participation in the Tokyo Olympics is an important contact for him in his professional journey, especially in the strong confrontations with Argentina, Spain and the world’s giants.

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