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Mohammed Al Hosani.. Various roles driven by a passion for creativity

The roles of the artist, Muhammad Al Hosani, vary between the father, the lawyer, and others, and the roles of good and evil.

Where he can easily assume these roles, as he says, and that he is ready for what the character requires of shaving his hair or changing his appearance to become another person to convince the viewer of his role, and because of his passion for acting, he entered several courses to learn and develop in performance, and because of his association with a government job, he chose to be present in cinema and drama instead of Theatre, where the theater needs a lot of time and effort and rehearsals for long hours on stage.

Support and encouragement

Al-Bayan met the artist, Muhammad Al-Hosani, to talk about his beginnings and artistic works, and he says: I started in the field of acting in 2017, when the director, the artist Abdullah Al-Junaibi, nominated me to participate in the movie (Kimra), which won first place in the Dubai Film Festival, and I received support and encouragement from family and friends. To complete the path in acting, which led me to work in several series for the month of Ramadan.

And he continues: I worked on the Al-Juzou’ series, the Beit Al-Qasid series, the Bouhzain series, and the Tawq Al-Harir series, and I was in every artwork impersonating strong and diverse characters and roles, such as the role of the villain in the Al-Juzou’ series.

And the role of the father in the Beit al-Qasid series and the role of the president of a sports club in the series Bouhzain and a lawyer in the Tawq al-Harir series, and I aspire to be an influential artist and be responsible and reach the world.

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Al-Hosani asserts that acting is not a profession, but rather a talent from God, a blessing and acceptance from people, and it must be developed for the better. He says: I develop myself through courses and observing the actors while they perform the roles.

And I follow from the artists Ahmed Al Jasmi, the artist Habib Ghuloom, Ahmed Al Ansari, Marai Halian, Jaber Nagmoush, Ali Jamal and other artists who present different personalities each time to discover their acting skills and how they affect the viewer.

And about the courses he entered, he says: I entered courses and workshops for acting, directing, script writing and music, and I participated in the Emirati Art Experience Competition, which was launched by Sharjah Media City “Shams” under the supervision of a group of artists and creators experienced in the field, including the star Habib Ghuloom, and the scriptwriter Muhammad Hassan Ahmed. And directed by Nahla Al-Fahd.

And the artist Abdullah Haidar, along with the Egyptian composer Mustafa Halawani, and the Polish director of photography Michael Sosna. Personally, I am happy with the experience and my success with a group of talents over a period of six months of training, in getting acquainted with the principles and basics of script writing, acting performance techniques, and some directing arts.

In addition to getting acquainted with some details of sound, photography, lighting, music and graphic composition, decoration design, and other essential technical elements of successful cinematic work and drama.