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الشيخ محمد بن مبارك  آل خليفة

Mohammed bin Mubarak, the forerunner of Bahrain’s diplomacy, is its king’s special envoy.

“His long history as a pioneer of Bahraini diplomacy and one of its early founders records honesty in performance and excellence in giving.”

Bahraini King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa said in an earlier interview that a royal decree had been issued appointing Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak al – Khalifa as the king’s special envoy on Thursday.

The royal decree states that “Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak will be appointed Special Representative of King Khalifa for the task entrusted to the King.”

Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak’s position on the King of Bahrain and his work on his faith, his skills, abilities and experience summarize how he served his country in various forums for more than 53 years.

His selection also acknowledges his service to the country and his prosperous life as Bahrain’s first foreign minister, who served for more than three decades before taking office as deputy prime minister for two decades. , Especially until this June.

To teach him

Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa received his primary education in schools in Bahrain and his secondary education at the International University of the American University of Beirut.

He then continued his studies in International Relations and Law at the University of London, UK.

After graduation, he held various positions such as Judge, Director of Public Relations and Director of Media.

Leading characters

In 1969, a decision was announced to establish the Foreign Ministry, which later became the first building block for the establishment of the Foreign Ministry, and Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak al-Khalifa took over as head of the department.

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During that time he played a key role in the negotiations and negotiations with the United Kingdom, Iran and the United Nations in 1970, which led to the completion of the state of Bahrain in August 1971. Entering the United Nations and the League of Arab States.

After Bahrain’s independence, he became the country’s first foreign minister, and served until 2005.

During that time he made significant achievements, especially his role in resolving the border dispute between Bahrain and Qatar, which was welcomed by both countries in 2001 with a ruling by the International Court of Justice.

He has attended numerous international and regional conferences and meetings, the most important of which are the Arab Summit, the Foreign Ministers of the Arab League, the sessions of the United Nations General Assembly, and the Ministers’ Meetings of the Security Council. , In addition to meetings of non-aligned countries, the organization of the Islamic Conference, summits and ministerial meetings of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries.

Duties and Responsibilities

Following the constitutional transition from the Emirate of Bahrain to the monarchy on February 14, 2002, Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak retained his post as Foreign Minister and was appointed Deputy Prime Minister in November of the same year.

He was foreign minister until 2005, when he was deputy prime minister until June.

In addition to his diplomatic career, Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa has served as a member of the Executive Committee of the Governing Family Council, the Supreme Security Council, the Economic Development Council and the Economic Development Council.

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He is currently the Chairman of the High Council for the Advancement of Education and Training and the Board of Trustees of the ISA Prize for Humanities.

Respect and appreciation

In January 2019, the King of Bahrain ordered that the Institute of Diplomacy be transformed into a “Special Academy for Diplomatic Studies” and named after Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak al-Khalifa, whom he described as “the forerunner of Bahrain”. His long and loyal history as one of the founders of diplomacy and its founding records him.

In August of the same year, a government decree was issued to establish the Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa Academy for Diplomatic Studies in memory of Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak.

Sheikh Mohammed bin Mubarak Al Khalifa continues his mission and his pioneering role in the modern history of the Kingdom of Bahrain, with the issuance of a royal decree appointing him as the King’s Special Envoy.