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Mohammed bin Rashid: Man's delusion of perfection of knowledge is the reason for his decline

Mohammed bin Rashid: Man’s delusion of perfection of knowledge is the reason for his decline

What we see new today becomes old after a while
Everyone is required to learn to avoid regression
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Vice President of the UAE, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai, may God protect him, affirmed that science does not stop and that the illusion of man knowing everything causes him to regress backwards, stressing that science continues and does not stop, and that we We learn to this day.
His Highness said in a video he posted on “Instagram” under the hashtag #Flashes_Leadership: “Science does not stop, and what we see new today becomes old after a while. They must develop themselves, and always learn so that they do not retreat, for science continues and does not stop, and we are learning to this day.”
His Highness added: “Whenever a person says that I know everything, he is struck by infallibility and retreats backwards.”
UAE reputation
His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid launched the hashtag #LeadershipFlashes, on his account on “Instagram”, in which His Highness shared with the public some of his life and practical experiences, experiences and leadership vision.
His Highness’s publications were numerous through the hashtag. His Highness previously said in a video: “The good reputation that the UAE has achieved, and the progress that has taken place, thanks to Sheikh Zayed, may God rest his soul, as the name of the UAE has become known in all countries of the world. You are the notables who represent the state. We want You represent it in all fields. There are great opportunities for us to lead. The leader does not have to lead an army. The leader is the one who says I am the leader and leads his group, his work and becomes a leader, and he tries to have a good reputation of the Emirates, and I hope you will be one team.”
new city
His Highness said in another tape: “They came to me with the plan of the Burj Khalifa project, which was to consist of 80 floors in an area that embraces small buildings of 3 and 4 floors, which does not live up to the level of our aspirations, so I told my work team: It is not this project that we are planning. And we want to achieve it. In this place, we want the largest building built by man, and we want gardens, water fountains, hotels, housing and excellent markets.”
His Highness added: “Burj Khalifa was not just a tower, but a new city in the heart of the city, and when we finished this tower and became at this height to become the tallest building built by man on earth, we thought that it should be associated with the name of one of the greats, so we named it Burj Khalifa.” .
A world without challenges
As His Highness said in another video under the tag: “Imagine the world without challenges, there is no project without risk, so is the risk the reason why we stopped where to think about it? No, never. Challenges cannot stop us, so how do we develop the economy of our country, and how do we reach the happiness of the citizen? Continuing and going our way is the way to do that. Trust in God, and continue on your way, making yourself always positive, because risks and challenges are always present, and whoever wants to reach, reaches, believing in oneself is the way to overcome risks.
His Highness also noted in a videotape he posted on “Instagram”, not to accept the world’s problems that do not stop, and to postpone the implementation of projects until their completion, stressing that the UAE is a living experience for the continuation of life and overcoming challenges.
His Highness said at the time: “The world’s problems do not stop. If we said 40 years ago that we would stop when security prevails, we would not have reached anywhere. We must continue to grow, and strive for the right of our people and develop our country. We do not waste time. It does not return, like the water of a river that does not return. We must continue to give and progress to our country, our people and our society, so do not stop and do not lose hope, we learn something new every day.”
end line
His Highness said in a video: “I say to my team in the race for excellence, there is no finish line, and this phrase becomes more realistic every day, when we promise to keep the promise, we all have dreams, but only the leader can turn these dreams into reality, we all take a risk.” in life, but do you know what is the greatest danger? Don’t take any risks.”
His Highness also previously reviewed his vision of the work, stressing that it is not possible to agree to implement a project, or crystallize an idea into a reality without attracting his attention, or being one hundred percent convinced of it, stressing that if he is convinced of a project, he does not It stops until it is achieved.
country development
His Highness said in another video: “When I talk about what our fathers have done and reached, and we see our small role that we have played, and the achievements we have achieved, I feel excited. Prosecution and support are required to develop the country. Mohammed bin Rashid does not work alone. He is an individual within a large team that includes young people who are doing great work. We are a leadership with a vision, so that no project or idea comes out unless I am 100 percent convinced, and if I am convinced, I do not stop.
In another video, His Highness stressed that he wants the people of the UAE to enjoy high physical fitness because fitness is linked to work productivity, and because laziness will not produce anything.

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