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«Mohammed bin Rashid Space Agency» and the National Center for Space Studies – France sign 3 new agreements

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In the presence of H.H. Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Minister of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, and Catherine Colonna, French Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs, the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and the National Center for Space Studies – France signed a memorandum of understanding and letters of intent.

The memorandum of understanding aims to enhance cooperation between the two parties in the field of lunar exploration, while the first letter of intent provides for the establishment of a joint working group to study new Earth observation missions, and the second letter of intent sets out prospects for cooperation on manned space missions and conducting new experiments on the International Space Station.

The agreements were signed by Salem Humaid Al Marri, in his capacity as Director General of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center, and Philippe Baptiste, CEO of the National Center for Space Studies – France.

The announcement of the new agreements coincides with the state visit of His Highness Sheikh Mohamed bin Zayed Al Nahyan, President of the State, may God protect him, to France.

Salem Humaid Al-Marri stressed that “the strategic importance of these agreements lies in the fact that they include many aspects and types of space missions, which makes them achieve various goals in return.”

He added: “Cooperation in the field of lunar exploration and human space missions opens new horizons and provides valuable data that contributes to establishing a human presence outside the planet in the future. As for cooperation in the field of Earth observation, it helps achieve common global goals to combat climate change and preserve the environment.”

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“We value our distinguished partnership with the National Center for Space Studies – France, which has been in place for years,” he said.

He pointed out that “these three agreements come as an extension of the cooperation that brings us together with France in the field of space exploration, and they stress the importance of exchanging and disseminating knowledge, and accelerating the pace of progress of our programs to achieve our common ambitions.”

The memorandum of understanding stipulates the strengthening of cooperation between the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and the National Center for Space Studies – France in the field of lunar exploration, and the launch of new missions that provide scientific data and advance new scientific achievements.

According to the first letter of intent, the joint working group will discuss cooperative activities and projects in the field of Earth observation and remote sensing, in addition to studying different concepts of Earth observation missions, including payload, devices and platforms, ground station work, and mission development.

The second letter of intent stipulates the preparation of future missions for astronauts, as it focuses on preparing experiments that will be carried out on board the International Space Station. Experiments include the Fluidics study, the use of EveryWear software to collect clinical data, and the Dreams and Lumina experiments.

It is noteworthy that the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and the French National Center for Space Studies have their own programs for Earth observation, and they have previously worked on developing satellites for various purposes, and they also pay special attention to monitoring the environment and climate change.

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The two centers are currently cooperating on the development of the Rashid explorer, which will undertake the first Arab mission to the surface of the moon, to provide data that is the first of its kind to the global scientific community.