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«Mohammed bin Rashid Space» intends to launch two small satellites

«Mohammed bin Rashid Space» intends to launch two small satellites

Amna Al Ketbi (Dubai)

The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center intends to launch two small satellites, as part of the payload hosting initiative, under whose umbrella will provide the standard platform for satellites to host the latest technologies built by private companies or university students. Within the framework of the Payload Hosting Initiative (PHI), engineers at the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center will Rashid Space Agency is building the satellite, and companies can add their technology that can be tested in space, and the first experimental satellite, called PHI-Demo, is already under development and payloads have been selected by two companies, and a second satellite, PHI-1, will be built, in partnership with the United Nations Office United Nations Outer Space Affairs.

The modular satellite platform (12U) will host the IoT communications payload that stores and transmits data collected from IoT devices in remote areas, industries and autonomous vehicles using 5G technology. The platform will also have an environmentally friendly and safe propulsion sub-system that uses water as the main propulsion material.

With its completion approaching, the platform will be operated from the ground station of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center in the hands of specialized experts, to ensure the effective implementation of various operations, sending commands, receiving telemetry devices, and receiving payload data. Cooperation and innovation will enhance the use of satellite technologies, as well as Providing an opportunity for companies and countries alike, in order to enhance the deployment and operation of their satellites in space, and it is expected that these efforts will yield many results, foremost of which is the consolidation of the UAE’s position to be at the forefront of countries that support innovation in the field of space, and the initiative will play a role Fundamentally in support of global efforts in the field of science and technology.

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The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center and the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs are working to provide additional opportunities in the field of the “Satellite Payload Hosting” program, which provides an exemplary platform that saves costs by hosting multiple payloads. This initiative also contributes to enhancing the activities and applications of the space sector and developing Human resources in line with the mission and objectives of the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs, which aims to enhance participation in the “Access to Space for All Initiative”, and confirms the commitment of the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center to disseminate space science and technology.