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Mohammed bin Zayed University for Human Sciences establishes a center for philosophical studies

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Mohamed bin Zayed University for Human Sciences announced the establishment of a center specialized in philosophical and academic studies, the first of its kind at the state level in the field of academic philosophical research. The center enhances the university’s vision in developing the humanities.

Dr. Khalid Al Yabhouni Al Dhaheri, President of the University, stated that the Center for Philosophical Studies works to enhance intellectual communication to eventually provide individuals with refined human thinking through its goals that seek to attract an elite of Emirati youth for philosophical studies, and create a community of effective personalities in the philosophical field, in addition. To cement Abu Dhabi’s reputation as a center of philosophy in the region.

Dr. Al Dhaheri added: “The Center for Philosophical Studies’ work fields vary and include several aspects, including preparing academic programs in philosophical topics, contributing to the preparation and review of philosophy curricula, preparing research papers and journals specialized in philosophical topics, in addition to preparing media programs concerned with philosophical topics.”

The university has resorted to focusing on philosophy because of its essential role in enriching this experience at all levels. Happiness, values, ethics, knowledge, science, science and others require a philosophical effort that addresses the diverse and plural society. It is also a starting point for the Arab intellectual elite, and it has a major role in shaping collective awareness.

In addition, the media identity of the Center for Philosophical Studies was announced, which was inspired by the close bond between wisdom, philosophy and science, and embodied the role entrusted to the Center in presenting a philosophical discourse whose bond is based on the solid interdependence between wisdom and Sharia, its root is fixed in the nation’s heritage, and its branch in the open sky of the world On the great human values.

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