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MojeID Now Offers a "High" Warranty Verification

MojeID Now Offers a “High” Warranty Verification

Author: Petr Krčmář,

Service users gloriousOperated by the CZ.NIC Association, they now have the option to opt for a ‘higher’ security level verification through their account. He deals with this in detail Jerry Petrka On Lupa in the article mojeID already operates with a “high” guarantee level. What are its benefits and how is it activated?

This will allow users to access all e-government services, including those that require the highest level of security. These include, for example, creating and managing an asset account or purchasing government bonds online. There are now approximately 40,000 MyID users with an account linked to a National Identity and Authentication (NIA) point.

Activation of the “higher” level requires the use of a user password and a physical security key with at least a FIDO certificate at the L2 level and with a specified PIN. The only key is currently GoTrust IdemKey, which is also available in the Czech Republic via Online Store Another requirement is verification of identity via Czech POINT or other means at this level of guarantee (for example, eObčanka or ICA Starcos card).

We have been working extensively on the implementation of the ‘High’ guarantee level over the past few months and I am very pleased to be able to report that we have completed it successfully. We believe that using FIDO security keys is more convenient than smart cards currently required at this level, while providing similar security. Thus mojeID service continues to achieve its goal of becoming the most universal Czech digital identity, She said Yaromir Talish, Technical Partner of the CZ.NIC Association.

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Existing mojeID users whose accounts are secured with the corresponding physical key can turn on the ‘High’ security level in their account settings. Here he chooses to reach the guarantee level “High”, sets his PIN according to the instructions and verifies his identity via Czech POINT or Eobčanka. If these users have already gone through the Czech POINT identity verification process in the past, they will receive information by email on how to proceed without having to visit the Czech POINT again.

Users who wish to change the guarantee to the “high” level and have not yet used the corresponding FIDO security key to secure their mojeID account must first attach this key to the account and then verify it at the Czech point or by any other means mentioned above.