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"Monastery of the Sultan" in Jerusalem.. Clashes between Egyptian and Ethiopian monks, and the reason is "aware" (witness)

“Monastery of the Sultan” in Jerusalem.. Clashes between Egyptian and Ethiopian monks, and the reason is “aware” (witness)

homeland – The archaeological “Deir Al-Sultan” of the Orthodox Church in occupied Jerusalem witnessed clashes between Egyptian monks and other Ethiopians, on Tuesday, which prompted the occupation police to intervene and break up the clash, during the celebration of what is known as “Passion Week” and “Easter Resurrection.”

According to circulating video clips, the clashes began after the Coptic monks drew the flag of Egypt on one of the monastery walls, in response to the Ethiopian monks raising the flag of their country on the monastery. This angered them, to enter into clashes with the “Egyptian” Coptic monks.

Continuous attacks

One of the Coptic monks confirmed that the Ethiopian monks attack them every year, in an attempt to cancel the Coptic identity of the monastery. Explaining that they are placing flags and other things to cancel the features of the monastery.

A Coptic monk reported that an Abyssinian monk threw green paint at the Egyptian flag in the presence of the Israeli police. Which prompted Anba Antonios to close the monastery’s door and draw the Egyptian flag on it.

Activists also circulated a video clip of Bishop Anthony, responding to what he described as the Ethiopian allegations. Denouncing the development of the Ethiopian flag on the monastery.

Anba Antonios stressed that the place is a place of worship and has nothing to do with politics. Pointing out that if the place is converted to a national place, he will paint all the walls with Egyptian flags.

And at dawn on Wednesday, activists circulated another video clip showing a group of Egyptian monks and workers working hard to protect the Egyptian flag from being removed.

Sultan’s Monastery

It is noteworthy that Deir al-Sultan is an ancient Coptic Orthodox monastery located within the walls of the old city of Jerusalem, in the Christians Quarter, next to the Church of St. Helena, the Church of the Angel, and the passage leading from the Church of Helena to the wall of the Church of the Holy Sepulcher. It covers an area of ​​about 1800 m2.

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The Muslim leader “Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi” returned it to the Christians after liberating it from the Crusaders, so it was called “Deir al-Sultan”.

Ongoing disputes between the Egyptian and Ethiopian churches

During its long history, the monastery witnessed a long-running dispute over its ownership between the Egyptian Church and its Abyssinian counterpart. Although the Egyptian monks hosted their Abyssinian counterparts for 3 centuries, due to their inability to pay the taxes imposed on them, they raised the issue of property disputes on many occasions.

strained relationships

It is noteworthy that relations between Egypt and Ethiopia are tense and congested, due to several files, most notably the “Renaissance Dam” that Addis Ababa built on the Blue Nile, and Egypt says that it negatively affects its share of water, and the dispute between the two countries over this file is still erupting, amid regional and international interventions.

(Source: Facebook / Twitter – Follow-up and monitoring of the homeland)