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Monica Absolonova: Horna shocked her after the breakup, and she's happy that they didn't get married!

Monica Absolonova: Horna shocked her after the breakup, and she’s happy that they didn’t get married!

Monika Absolonová’s world has completely collapsed, after years of perfect relationship with Tomáš Horná, a hard break has come. In addition to this, the singer is gradually learning new information about what the father of their two children did behind her and she is said to be happy that she ended the relationship!

Monika Absolonová and Tomáš Horná formed an ideal couple, at least from photos on social networks. The two partners spent seven years together and have two sons.

The singer trusted the parents of her children indefinitely, but it might have been a mistake. Absolonová announced his split from the former hockey player on Valentine’s Day, which is May 1.

“Before my love for life under a tree. Because I don’t have the energy to keep something a secret, I’d like to tell you that Tomas split up. It’s sad, painful and personal, but unfortunately this is life as well,” she confessed in the caption. To a picture she shared on Instagram.

The singer is vague about the reasons for the separation, but it may have been infidelity! He says, “You did the right thing”

Although Monica Absolonova does not want to mention the reason for the breakup of the relationship with Thomas Horna due to the children, it can be read from their words that it was probably infidelity on the part of the athlete.

The double mom admitted that after the breakup, she began to learn information from her friends, which literally shook her. “Since then, I’ve learned things like that that sadness turns into astonishment, and I had no idea what was happening elsewhere,” Absolon told the website.

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“People started telling me, ‘You know this, this, this? And I sound like a fool. There are reassurances that I have done the right thing. Nothing will surprise me or hurt me anymore. I’m convinced, “the frustrated singer said.

Absolon is pleased that she has not married Horne, nor will she obtain anything from her property

“Breaking up is always very sad, especially when he is the father of your children. I will not specify the reasons, no matter what happens, I will not insult him in public, he is the father of my children. Fortunately, he has never been my husband. On the decor.

But the stress was a sign of the singer, she has lost a lot of weight in recent weeks. “He hasn’t dropped by ten pounds yet, but roughly. I’d like to lose another seven pounds to look like I used to. That would be really great for how I feel. It’s a post-race diet. But I always practice it that way. Weight scales work great,” “Try. Absolon eases the situation and finds at least some positive things about the situation.

“Life is different from what one thinks. Sometimes it is difficult to see at first, but then relief comes,” says the two-day-old mother reconciles. Although separation from our Horn is full of emotions, children are said to see their father regularly and not view their parent’s separation in a negative way. “Matosh is totally fine, Tada too. They are in touch with their father and they’re also on the phone. So far, it looks like he’s going to be cool,” the singer believes in a better tomorrow.

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Monica Absolonova lost a lot of weight after the breakup and chose a new hairstyle.