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Monsters baptized their first dragon ship in the sandpits of Velsky

Monsters baptized their first dragon ship in the sandpits of Velsky

As said Helena Prokisova, captain of the all-women’s team from Ceske Budejovice, the crew comes from all over the region. “We have women from Bodegovice, Toboy, Tabor, Subslav and other places on the team, so we all have it halfway through Vesely nad Lozene,” she explained.

The ceremonial baptism began at three o’clock in the afternoon. The dragon boat is large, weighing 250 kilograms, 12.5 meters in length, and can accommodate 20 players, rudders, and drummers. Helena Prokešová calculated “with a full composition of 22 people”. According to her, the races have been postponed due to the pandemic, but they already know some of the dates. “The first competition will be during the summer break in July, and by default the racing season will be in full swing in June,” she said, noting that the first competition is already in Lipno in May.

Traffic delayed due to the epidemic

The new red ship was in production for 3 months and cost 280 thousand kroner. CEZ contributed to the ship with subsidies under the Mobility Assistance Program. “We ordered it directly from a German factory. There are only two companies in Europe that specialize in the production of dragon boats.” In December, the ship was ready, transportation was delayed due to a pandemic, and Bohemia did not arrive until March.

Greeting card from the town hall

So far, they’ve borrowed the BESTie boat from a friendly team in Třeboň, and now they’re independent. They loved the sandpit, praised the environment and supported the surroundings. The mayor of Veselí, Vít Rada, also arrived for baptism and expressed appreciation for the sporting enthusiasm of the 22 women. “I wish them a lot of strength, perseverance and synchronicity. I am glad that Basti chose a water area here in Vesely, they have received a permit and it would be a great honor for the city to be their home port”, said Vit Rada, adding that he would be happy to represent them in Vesely nad Lužnicí.

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Helmmann Jarmila arrived from Prague. “I am from the Big Girls team and I came to help the best on the first voyage,” said the experienced Dragon Boat driver. The second crew arrived from South Bohemia from Lipno. Predatory skates brought out handmade gingerbread cookies with their logo over their competitors. “We would be happy to compete with you, but we hope you see our tail one day. The team representative said.”

Welcome new faces

Those interested can ride a dragon boat, and even the bravest paddlers during the exhibition tour. BESTie will also welcome new members. “It’s fun for the whole family, we will be glad to see new faces,” Helena Prokisova attracted. There was also rich refreshments and support from acquaintances and families. This was followed by the first training of the season.