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Montblanc celebrates the spirit of the library with the participation of Mahira Abdel Aziz

Elaf: Montblanc explores the inspiring power of the library as a destination to enrich culture, where knowledge is transmitted through time and generations, in its latest Ramadan campaign with the participation of Emirati actress, TV presenter and architect Mahira Abdulaziz, and the award-winning architects Abdul Rahman and Turki Qazzaz from Saudi Arabia, whose work was shown in Venice Biennale.

As a beautiful poem that depicts the power of creativity and inspiration, the campaign takes us on a wonderful journey through the corridors and wings of the Mohammed bin Rashid Library, which is a distinctive architectural edifice designed in the form of a traditional bookend, to be a center of culture and wisdom.
Directed by award-winning Tunisian director Amal Gullati, the story of the campaign begins with the two Kazaz brothers entering the library, where they are looking for inspiration for a new design project – Majlis.

In the midst of their exciting journey through the wonders of the library, they meet Mahira, and it is then that they begin to think and exchange opinions and views in a scene that embodies the power of collaboration in the creative process. The two Kazaz brothers begin designing the project, which turns into a tangible reality in front of the viewer’s eyes.
The campaign’s message is in line with the spirit of the holy month of Ramadan, which urges us to be inspired and share our experiences with others. As a beacon of culture and a symbol of knowledge, the Mohammed bin Rashid Library is at the heart of the story, embodying the house of written words. The campaign reaches its climax in a final dynamic scene that expresses the essence of knowledge transfer during the holy month of Ramadan, as the completed project designed by the two Qazzaz brothers is unveiled to Mahira accompanied by friends and family.
The campaign soundtrack is an original tune composed by music composer and Montblanc influencer Basil El Hadi, aka “Karohat”.

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And he excels with his inspiration in synthesizing contemporary tunes with a touch of Arabic music, providing the perfect musical expression for the story. The photographs were taken by creative director and fashion photographer Moez Ashour.
“The rich storytelling in this iconic work of Ramadan embodies Montblanc’s strong commitment to the art of writing and literature, and pays homage to the library as an exceptional source of inspiration and discovery,” said Franck Guhel, Montblanc President Middle East, India, Africa, Greece and Turkey. Montblanc is honored to share its aesthetic and prestige. The Mohammed bin Rashid Library enjoys through this film, and showcases regional talents in art and design in every aspect. They all embody the spirit of exploration and creativity in their areas of expertise, and we hope that our campaign will inspire people on their own journeys, to leave their impactful mark on the world.”