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“Monthly subscription” .. “Meta” reveals new plans for “WhatsApp” and “Messenger” to generate revenue

“Monthly subscription” .. “Meta” reveals new plans for “WhatsApp” and “Messenger” to generate revenue

Recent reports revealed new plans that the head of Meta, Mark Zuckerberg, is heading towards, in light of the significant decline that the company is suffering from at all levels, and coinciding with the growing doubts of investors about the ability of the company’s projects in the world of “Metaverse” to achieve profits in the coming years. The next few years, as well as the layoffs of about 11,000 employees, in addition to a 52% decline in profits to $4.4 billion during the third quarter of 2022.

Using “WhatsApp” and “Messenger” to generate revenue

And the reports indicated, according to “Sky News Arabia”, that the “Meta” company will resort to using the “WhatsApp” and “Messenger” applications as a primary source of revenue, stressing that Mark Zuckerberg had previously stated that the two applications will lead the next wave of sales and income generation in the company, And not the “Metaverse” projects, explaining that he decided to use one of his heaviest weapons in the world of communication and chat with the aim of reassuring employees and investors about the future of the company.

Fears of converting “WhatsApp” to a paid application

And the reports confirmed that these decisions created fears among “WhatsApp” users about converting the application into a paid one or an application full of paid ads, while Alan Al-Qarih, an expert in technological affairs, says that “Zuckerberg’s recent statements regarding the leadership of the “WhatsApp” and “Messenger” applications The next wave of sales and revenues in “Meta” will in no way lead to converting WhatsApp into a paid application for ordinary users, but the current focus is on how to make money from services directed to companies through “WhatsApp Business”.

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