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Morals..the real glory

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Some people, as soon as they finish an educational stage, until you find them transcendent, they think that their knowledge is the widest of the world, but adults do not ask for titles, and they do not get angry if you neglect them or forget their call to them, because their confidence in their abilities and capabilities is great. He tries to show all the signs of distinction from people, and we do not understand a reason for such behavior or we may not find an explanation for him, especially since he has the mind and knowledge. It was not the first and will not be the last on the ladder of excellence.

The difference is great between an educated person and another who thinks that he is educated, and as the poet Abu Nawas said in his famous verses: So say to someone who claims to have philosophy… you have memorized something, and you have missed things. A piece of advice from the heart that I address to myself and everyone, to review the self and conscience and get rid of any residues that may illusion that you are distinct from others.

We really miss the essence of many people, not their superficiality, appearance, and titles. Ahmed bin Muhammad Al-Wasiti says, in beautiful verses about this meaning: How ignorant and humble.. Humility conceals his ignorance, and distinguished in his knowledge.. Arrogance demolished his bounty, so leave arrogance as long as you live.. and do not accompany his family. I am almost certain that there is no nation among the nations of the earth, nor a people of the world, nor a civilization that has risen and influenced the world, except that it had meanings of motivation to pay attention to human aspects and to the essence. The French novelist and poet Alfred de Musset says: A man has only one true glory, which is humility. Let us learn the virtues of walking away from the material things and take an interest in the depth and nature of man.


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