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More character games can come to consoles

More character games can come to consoles

There’s a new insider out there on social media, and while we tend to watch it frown here square paymentIt can’t be denied golden snitch knows what’s going on. They didn’t just flee All from Sony places status earlier in the month, but they also accurately revealed Our Last: Part One Exit date.

leader Last Tweet Anything but confirms it Something It happens with the Persona series, then. They said earlier today “P3R5ON4”. Now, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what’s being teased here: Persona 3 FESAnd the 4 gold characterAnd the Persona 5 Royal Presumably it is coming to more platforms. Given the timing and previous PlayStation exclusivity, we’ll take the opportunity and assume it will be announced for Xbox platforms.

Cependant, les joueurs PlayStation pourraient égallement être intéressés, car Persona 3 FES n’a jamais été jouable sur PS5 ou PS4 – et malgré le portage d’Atlus Persona 4 Golden sur PC il ya quelquesela anne limité, too . we I assumeIf the new console ports actually arrive, it will also launch on PlayStation – but you never know these days, right? We won’t lie, we Will be Find the ports of all three characters dance Fun games after this tease.

maybe interesting, 5 . characters Recently removed from PS Plus CollectionWhich indicates that there is some The movement that occurs with the string. We’ll of course keep an eye on the open-ended anime and let you know what’s really going to happen later today.

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