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More than 20 million riyals in prizes .. A new Saudi championship is in the hands of the clubs

More than 20 million riyals in prizes .. A new Saudi championship is in the hands of the clubs

The Football Association calls on clubs to respond before June 13th

After officially changing the system of the Saudi Super Cup, the officials of the Football Association, headed by Yasser Al-Mishal, are seeking to develop more than the competition between clubs and players, but the matter remains dependent on the opinion of the clubs.

What is the new tournament?

In June 2021, the Football Association officially announced the launch of the reserve league starting from the 2022-23 season, a decision that was met with much criticism and more welcome.

Talking about this tournament has stopped over the past months, but the Football Association has again talked about the matter with the clubs.

According to Al-Jazira newspaper, the Football Association addressed all the clubs of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional League, to respond with approval or rejection before June 13, to participate in the reserve league, and as a result of the responses, it will be decided to establish the league or postpone it.

The newspaper pointed out that the total prizes for the tournament amount to 20 million and 800,000 riyals, with one million and 300,000 riyals for each team to prepare, in addition to the centers’ incentives.

Al-Jazeera explained that the first place holder will receive 500,000 riyals, the second will receive 450 thousand, the third will receive 425 thousand, and the fourth will receive 400,000 riyals, and the prizes continue to decrease by a difference of 25 thousand riyals between each position and the next.

What is reserve league?

With the increase in the number of foreigners in the Saudi League, the Saudi player has become largely marginalized, until the national team suffered from a shortage in some positions, such as the outright striker, so it was decided to create a reserve league.

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The Reserve League relies on substitute players in clubs and promoted from youth teams, with the aim of giving them more opportunity to participate in matches.

In a statement announcing the previous tournament, the Football Association clarified that the matches of this league will be held on the day following the professional league matches.

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