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More than 250 migrants crossed the canal in a single day

More than 250 migrants crossed the canal in a single day

London: (AFP)

The British Ministry of Defense announced on Monday that it had spotted more than 250 migrants in seven boats as it crossed the English Channel bound for England on Sunday.

The number of immigrant trips is expected to triple in 2021, setting a new record this year. For the first time in eleven days, the British government, which updates data on illegal crossings daily, reported the presence of boats in the canal in late April with violent winds and strong waves.

Since mid-April, the British navy says 254 people in seven boats have passed by on Sunday, after monitoring illegal settlements across the channel.

Images released by the British media show immigrants following up in Dover on Monday.

In all, according to BIA figures, about 7,000 people have crossed the Channel Channel by boat since the beginning of this year, reaching the British coast. This is three times more than in the same period last year.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has made it a priority to fight illegal immigration, after Britain left the EU, where kidnappings continued to rise and tripled the number of migrants killed in a shipwreck in 2021 to 20 by the end of November.

According to the Interior Ministry, more than 28,500 people have crossed this dangerous area by 2021, up from 8,466 in 2020, 1,843 in 2019 and 299 in 2018.

With the aim of preventing illegal immigration, London last week passed a controversial asylum law requiring illegal immigrants and asylum seekers to be deported to Rwanda after arriving in the UK.

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The law has come under constant criticism from international human rights organizations. The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) on Wednesday expressed regret over the passing of a speech “undermining international law and practice designed to protect refugees.”