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More than 400 tablets in Liguria and Piedmont schools thanks for the cooperation between Rotary and the United States –

In Italy, epidemics are on the rise Rotary And government United States, By the United States Agency for International Development (Said), Is committed to supporting the country’s response to Covid and related rescue efforts: as part of this collaboration, Rotary District 2032, which has pledged Italy’s response to Covid and related rescue efforts, has donated Eight schools were distributed throughout the Ligurian area And Alessandria, Asti and Kunio 418 tablets will allow students to better follow the lessons online.

As part of the USAID consortium, it will donate $ 5 million to the Rotary Foundation to support the response to the epidemic, preparing communities to reactivate the crisis and mitigate the social and economic impact of the medium and long term. This partnership is part of the US commitment to Italy to save lives and create recession for the future: to date, the United States has provided 60 million aid to Italy through the USIIT.

Through the USAID-Rotary Partnership, at least three grants will support $ 100,000 to support projects in the thirteen Italian districts of Rotary, health, education and community development; Providing equipment for medical facilities includes competent activities; Educational materials and equipment for schools, students and families; And resources to help businesses stay safe during times of health crisis; An important part of this effort is to support students in the distance learning process.

Says the Governor of the Uzide and Rotary Foundation – District 2032 Giuseppe Muse – Introduced the Anti-Coalition Program, which is funded by the US Government to combat the effects of epidemics through service programs organized and organized in collaboration with the Rotary Foundation and the Rotary Districts of Italy. In this first funding, the education sector has been privileged as the school is a place where social inequalities are most clearly manifested. Therefore, we have an obligation to provide equal opportunities for inclusion in the school system, and more importantly teaching income takes place mainly through telematics: this is the policy we have been working on during these difficult weeks. Offices. Regional schools Liguria And we conducted a capillary tracking to understand what the most difficult conditions for accessing Piedmont distance education were, and we are now able to deliver 418 tablets to eight companies, which are evenly distributed in the reference areas of Liguria and Lower Piedmont, to better enable students to follow online lessons. The schools concerned come within the municipalities Spice, Box, Genoa, Alessandria, Aqui Term, Fosano, Saluso and Ventimiglia “.

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