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More than 5 million EU citizens have the right to reside in the UK

More than 5 million EU citizens have the right to reside in the UK

LONDON (Reuters) – European citizens living in the United Kingdom have submitted more than six million applications for post-Brexit residency, the Home Office said on Friday, approving 5.1 million applications, citing practical “success”.

The UK government has promised EU citizens the right to live, work and enjoy social benefits in the UK after Brexit if they have lived in the country before 31 December 2020 and are registered with the EU Citizens’ Settlement Program. 30, 2021.

British Home Secretary Priti Patel announced that 6.02 million applications had been submitted before the deadline, with the majority in the UK receiving “more than 400,000 applications” in June, according to a Home Office report.

Temporary status is granted to those in the UK for less than five years, which allows them to apply for permanent residency status after a five-year stay.

“The processing of more than 6 million applications under this program is an unprecedented achievement,” he added. “I am pleased that we have the rights of many European citizens, including our friends, neighbors and relatives.”

The ministry confirmed that the rights of 570,000 people who are still waiting for a decision to resolve their residency status will be “protected”. Meanwhile, he explained that “the selection of less complex cases will be completed in the coming days”.

For other events, the UK Immigration Service will send notices to all EU citizens within about 28 days who have been determined to be eligible for the regulation, he said, adding that “contact them to register themselves under the scheme and exercise their rights not to lose”

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