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Očkování v Sokolově

More than one hundred thousand people have been vaccinated in the Karlovy Vary region

In addition, the Karlovy Vary region is the largest in the Czech Republic by population vaccinated by place of residence – approximately 234 people have been vaccinated per 1,000 citizens as of May 3 (the total population of the Karlovy Vary region is 293,311). In the 80+ age group, all registered candidates are now vaccinated, and the situation is similar in the case of people over the age of 70 who decided to undergo vaccination.

The region wants to keep record numbers of vaccines being administered. The country is considering opening the option to register vaccination for all age groups from the age of 16 as of June. “People’s vaccination certificates will replace the frequent need for testing when using certain types of services, and when entering sporting and cultural events, they will have benefits when traveling. The main benefit, of course, is to protect one’s health and put an end to the spread of infection, I think,” President Peter Kulhanek said. That overcoming the coronavirus pandemic. “

According to the current statistical data, the first vaccine dose in the Karlovy Vary region includes 72,317 citizens, the first and the second 27,229. The majority of vaccinations were administered at the vaccination center in the KV Arena in Karlovy Vary – a total of 39,389, and then at the vaccination center in Sokolov in the vaccination center in the young man 11,163 doses. General practitioners are very involved in vaccination.

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“We are very pleased that the citizens of the Karlovy Vary region have approached the protection of their health responsibly and considered all the benefits of vaccination against COVID-19. The vaccination teams at the individual vaccination centers and the volunteers who ensure their work deserve great respect. I have said this countless times and I must repeat once again that we have achieved We are achieving these stellar numbers in the Karlovy Vary region in vaccination, as called by the director of ZIS Professor Ladislav Dusik, thanks to the Regional Vaccination Coordinator Dagmar Olekova. Thanks to his indomitable energy, he has been the driving force behind the entire vaccination process since its inception. However, it must also be appreciated. Activity of general practitioners, who, despite the demand for administration and insufficient supplies of vaccines, soon participated in the vaccination.