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Moroccan Foreign Minister: Algeria will not be harmed by Morocco

Moroccan Foreign Minister: Algeria will not be harmed by Morocco

Regarding his attendance at the Arab summit in Algeria, Bourita said: “His Majesty’s instructions were to separate what is bilateral, and what is a joint Arab action, and attendance here in Algeria is out of responsibility for this joint Arab action.”

The case of Morocco and Algeria

confirmed Bourita Until Morocco did not threaten anyone in its territorial sovereignty, and that Morocco He does not arm any militia to antagonize any state. Foreign policy must be built on ambition and clarity, as he put it.

Bourita said: “Morocco has never attacked on the soil of an Arab country, but Morocco has the right to defend its national soil.”

He asked: “Is there an Arab country that would agree to have its state’s militias attack and stand still?”

Bourita affirmed that “Morocco’s hand is permanently extended to the neighboring country, and His Majesty the King said it verbatim, it will not touch Algeria Any misfortune comes from Morocco.”

He concluded his speech on this issue: “We must be clear, Morocco did not sever diplomatic relations with Algeria, relations were cut from one side, and the borders were closed on one side, and this is the reality.”

The Palestinian cause

On the other hand, Bourita affirmed that Morocco will put all the channels available to it to advance the horizon of a political solution to the Palestinian issue, which he asserted is “not an issue of trade.”

Bourita said: “The Palestinian cause is the cause of an Arab nation, and our goal is to achieve the legitimate Palestinian goal, which is the realization of their state, on the 1967 borders, with East Jerusalem as its capital.”

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He added: “The opening of the King Hussein Bridge is one of the fruits of the Moroccan effort to benefit the living conditions of Palestinians, as well as other humanitarian initiatives in schools and aspects of food.”

Bourita indicated that the relationship with Israel It will not change the fixed positions of Morocco on the Palestinian issue.