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Morocco.. Scholars and researchers lecture on manifestations of solidarity in religions

Morocco.. Scholars and researchers lecture on manifestations of solidarity in religions

Baku, July 6 (AZERTAC)

The activities of the Al-Asil International Forum for Interfaith Dialogue, organized by the Al-Aseel Association for Education, Culture and Development in coordination with Georgetown University in Washington, continued on Saturday, July 2, in the city of Abi Jaad, in Morocco. Morocco, France, Italy and the United States of America, Moroccan journalist Abdelaziz Agraz said.

During the opening session of the forum, the head of the Al-Aseel Association, Ahmed Chabounia, explained that this scientific demonstration highlights the role of the Kingdom of Morocco in consolidating solidarity and solidarity between Muslims and followers of other religions, adding that the slogan of this forum reflects the specifications of the society of tolerance that the Kingdom of Morocco calls for. Al-Aseel is committed to working on the preservation and preservation of the Moroccan cultural heritage, especially the precious heritage of the Salha city of Abu al-Jaad.

For his part, Rashid Ashho, the scientific coordinator of this international event, said that choosing the topic of interfaith solidarity comes to confirm this high spiritual value that contributes to the consolidation of brotherhood and social peace among members of the same society, as well as between different countries and peoples, regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation. He pointed out that the epidemic period was the best witness, through what resulted in combating this disease, embodying solidarity and mutual benefit between peoples of different religions.

Paul Hack, Professor of Theology and Religious Studies at Georgetown University in the United States, expressed his happiness to come to Abi Al-Jaad to approach this issue, which confirms the Kingdom’s keenness to promote the values ​​of interfaith solidarity, stressing that the human common remains the focus of this interdependence, given that the relations between Islam Christianity is evidence of this desired coexistence.

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The paragraphs of the first scientific session, chaired by Dr. Ibrahim Emounen, Head of the Interfaith Dialogue Department at the Faculty of Osoul Eddin in Tetouan, focused on the topic “Solidarity in religions embodies the common human.”

Dr. Omar Al-Qushayri, from Cadi Ayyad University in Marrakesh, highlighted images of the sponsorship of dhimmis scholars in Islamic civilization, presenting examples in the history of Islamic civilization, such as the benefit of the Jewish scholar Musa bin Maimon, who studied at the Qarawiyyin Mosque in Fez at the expense of Islamic endowments, adding that there was a need for other Muslims, especially in the field of translation. He also pointed out that monasteries were centers for translating books on philosophy, astronomy and medicine, and indicated that the Islamic state was pouring money on scholars to take care of their students, who were mostly non-Muslims.

Professor Riccardo Paredi from Italy, a doctoral student at the American University in Lebanon, addressed the topic of “Human Solidarity in the Light of the General Papal Message”, stressing that Pope Francis believes in human brotherhood, and referred to his visit to Morocco and his meeting with King Mohammed VI, as well as his visit to the United Arab Emirates, and highlighted the close importance of Human Fraternity for Coexistence, which the Pope signed with the Sheikh of Al-Azhar, and quoted an excerpt from the words of King Mohammed VI, “The three monotheistic religions do not recommend tolerance only, but were created to open up to each other and to get to know each other.”

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Dr. Muhammad Al-Tohamy Al-Harraq, a researcher in Islamism and Sufism, presented an intervention entitled “Solidarity from a humanistic, spiritual perspective, a preliminary approach”, in which he stressed that the Qur’anic verse “O people, I created you from a male and a female and made you peoples and tribes so that you may know one another,” has established the meanings of acquaintance, explaining, One of the meanings of acquaintance is that you seek to know the other and recognize him in his afterlife and his difference, and he warned of the need for religions to restore credibility to their word, pointing to the existence of currents that want to separate the world from heaven, and separate man from his spiritual dimension, and stressed the importance of looking at man as a “divine breath.” “Because that consideration results in honoring a person, whether he is religious or not.

Dr. Abd al-Rahim al-Sunni, a researcher in the Muhammadiyah Association of Scholars, addressed in his speech the “civilizational dimensions of solidarity in Islam”, referring to the participatory dimension in religions, and stated that Islam has established many features that make Muslims accept all human spectra of different religions, and regretted Because the behaviors of some Muslims do not reflect the orientations of Islam in coexistence, and he explained that the Holy Qur’an mentions the common human origin, inferred by the Almighty’s saying, “He created you from one soul,” and affirmed that Islam took care of the rights of minorities, and he mentioned the story of Omar Ibn Al-Khattab with the Jew who found him begging, so he ordered He has an expense from the Muslim treasury in order to preserve his dignity.

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The speech of Dr. Radwan Ghoneimi from Ibn Zohr University, on “Standings with the philosophy of solidarity in Islam”, was during which he explained the importance of attending the value of solidarity in order to obtain a balanced human society, adding that Islamic Sharia presents solidarity in the face of obligation, not desirability or scarcity, and between That Islam had recommended it in teaching science, explaining that the will was legislated to achieve this goal as well, and he referred to the manifestations of solidarity in the distribution of zakat during the era of Omar bin Abdul Aziz.

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