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زلاتان إبراهيموفيتش نجم إي سي ميلان في دبي.  الإمارات اليوم

Morocco’s achievement is a “health condition” instead of the dominance of adults

Milan star Zlatan Ibrahimovic confirmed that the Moroccan national team added a special flavor to the World Cup in Qatar by reaching the semi-finals, and that the World Cup fans prefer this enthusiastic atmosphere and the emergence of surprises.

Ibrahimovic said in press statements, yesterday, on the sidelines of his presence in the Milan team camp in Dubai, and participating in the “Dubai Super Cup” in preparation for the completion of the Italian club for the current season: “The presence of the Moroccan national team in the final rounds is not a surprise, because even before the start of the World Cup it has elements Good, as for reaching the semi-finals, it is a bit surprising, but they added luster, a special flavor, and public enjoyment to the Qatar World Cup, especially since the fans of the round witch around the world love this enthusiastic atmosphere with the presence of a team that succeeded in creating surprises by winning over other strong teams that were strongly nominated for the title ». .

He explained: «It is unhealthy for the public and even for the rest of the other teams, the continuity of the dominance of the major teams and their repetition of their presence in the final rounds of the World Cup tournaments, hence the special flavor that the Moroccan national team added in the 2022 edition, with a team that has professional and homogeneous elements that succeeded in making their way to the square. Golden, and during her career she overcame strong teams, and we have to wait whether the Moroccan national team is able to continue its surprises in the tournament, especially since the next test is difficult for the (Atlas Lions) in the face of the defending champion, the strong French team.

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Regarding the identity of the national team nominated for the title, Zlatan said: “Looking at the four teams that ran for the semi-finals, Croatia and France are the finalists of the World Cup Russia 2018, and they are present in the current version with the majority of their elements who participated in the previous version, and Argentina is supported by the experiences of their star, Lionel Messi.” And Morocco succeeded in bringing about change and imposing itself among the adults, but I am inclined in the end to Messi’s ability to lift the trophy and be crowned with the Argentine national team.

And about his opinion on the Winter World Cup, and the holding of the World Cup for the first time in this period of the year, Ibrahimovic said: “The great positive is that it is the World Cup that fans of the round witch, players, teams and the public around the world eagerly await once every four years, and the Qatar World Cup presented with excellence the usual fun for World Cup matches in terms of strength, club and crowd enthusiasm.

He continued: «There is negativity that is currently limited to the fact that the players present in the World Cup have been absent for a long time from their clubs and tournaments, and strong matches await them upon their return, whether in local leagues or European participations, and we have to wait for the final verdict to be given for the second section of the season, with the return of the start of the tournaments after the end of the holiday. Holiday seasons, and the extent or absence of negative aspects that could cast a shadow over holding the World Cup in this period of the year instead of their permanent date in the summer periods.

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Ibrahimovic indicated that there is no specific date for returning to the matches, and he said: “There is no specific date for returning to the matches, and what is important in the current period is the feeling that I am in good health, and I have fully recovered from the injury, especially since it came at the level of the knee and caused me a lot of pain after I played.” Although it existed for a long time last season, before undergoing surgery at the end of the season, it requires a lot of work in terms of rehabilitation and avoiding exposure to any possibility, even a small one, of recurrence of the injury.

Milan star:

“The Qatar World Cup presented the usual fun for the World Cup matches.”

“I am inclined, in the end, to Messi’s ability to lift the World Cup.”

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