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Mortada Mansour talks about negotiations with Musimani's wife... and the allegations of Tariq Hamid... and the appearance of Abu Jabal with Ramiz Jalal

Mortada Mansour talks about negotiations with Musimani’s wife… and the allegations of Tariq Hamid… and the appearance of Abu Jabal with Ramiz Jalal

Sharjah – Omaima Yasser –

Counselor Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Zamalek Club, confirmed that he is sad about the behavior of Al-Ahly fans in the Sudanese Mars meeting in the African Championship and verbally assaulting many people.

Mansour said, in a telephone interview on the “Hazrat Al-Citizen” program, presented by the media, Sayed Ali, and broadcast on the “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” satellite channel on Sunday evening, that the audience is the most important element in football, and the behavior of the fans is unacceptable, adding: “It is not acceptable for any fans to transgress on the players.

Mansour added: “I was very patient until the end of the Moroccan Wydad match, because no one said Mortada would destroy the team, and all the decisions we took were on the right path.”

The president of the Zamalek club revealed the details of the negotiation with the South African Betso Musimani, the coach of the Al-Ahly team, where he said: “Mosimane’s wife spoke with Amir Mortada Mansour, the general supervisor of the football team, to train Zamalek, and she wanted to provide the salary and I was able to get it and get a sporting temptation.” .

He continued, “We contracted with Abdullah Al-Saeed when the term of his contract with Al-Ahly expired, and I was able to contract with my seasons, and the country is not lacking in crises and chaos, and I respect Al-Ahly’s fans.”

Regarding the renewal of the players of Zamalek, Mansour said: “Tariq Hamed said that he was injured before the Moroccan match of Wydad and it was clear that he was playing. I was thinking about Tariq Hamed. He traveled to Morocco, but I heard that he refused.

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He added: “Tariq Hamed Selim from 3 weeks, and Dr. Osama said that Tariq said that he will not play and will not enter this battle, and this is a good job, and we are the ones who pay the money to the player when we win in Africa, and brother Abu Jabal has been talking to us every day for 10 days to go out with Ramez Jalal.” And we have an important match.”

And the president of Zamalek continued: “Hamza Mathlouthi is a respected player, and the Zamalek club and the Tunisia team did not complain. He sent us a letter to get him to play in the upcoming suspension period, and we respect him for not submitting any complaint against us despite the delay in his financial dues.”

Mortada Mansour concluded his statements by saying: “Every player does not know the value of the Zamalek club by saying goodbye, and we are the ones who do not want him, and may God help them anywhere else, and I will not accept any other player’s apology at all. Zamalek is greater than everyone and has a preference over all.”