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Moscow: 200 Ukrainian soldiers and 100 foreign mercenaries were killed

Moscow: 200 Ukrainian soldiers and 100 foreign mercenaries were killed

And she said Russian Ministry of DefenseIn the daily statement on Sunday, more than 200 Ukrainian soldiers and 100 foreign mercenaries were killed during the past day, in addition to the destruction of dozens of military vehicles.

The Ministry stated that Russian Aerospace Forces High-precision weapons targeted the temporary concentration of foreign mercenaries in the Donetsk axis, which resulted in the killing of about 100 foreign mercenary.

She added it in the hub Luhansk Russian forces thwarted an attempted attack by Ukrainian forces and managed to eliminate 30 Ukrainian soldiers.

It indicated that an attack attempt by Ukrainian forces on an axis was also thwarted Krasno Lyman.

The ministry said that as a result of artillery shelling, units of Ukrainian forces were dispersed and forced to return to their original positions.

According to the Russian Ministry of Defense, it amounted to losses Ukrainian forces On this axis, more than 50 soldiers were killed or wounded, and 3 armored combat vehicles and 4 units of special vehicles were destroyed.

And in a direction DonetskThe counter-attacks of the Ukrainian forces were repulsed solidar And Opetno, Kordyumovka and Mayorsk, and the elimination of about 70 Ukrainian soldiers and the destruction of two tanks, two armored fighting vehicles and 5 pickup trucks, according to what the Russia Today website quoted from the ministry.

In the southern Donetsk axis, attempts were thwarted Ukrainian army Recovering the lost positions, and its losses in this direction amounted to 60 Ukrainian soldiers killed and wounded, and an infantry fighting vehicle and two armored vehicles were destroyed.

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Russian air defense systems intercepted two missiles.Hemarsnear the village of Bogdanovka in the district Kherson.