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Moscow deceives us again, Putin’s mind is asleep, to the Ukrainian political scientist | Swi

We are expelling Russian ambassadors like a PCM dog. Putin NS was actually pushed into NATO in an interview with, a professor of political science at the Kiev-Molinsk Academy. Ukraine has two options when it comes to hiding its international partners. However, any help is very weak. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Gelensky has said he wants to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. What was their afternoon conversation?
Ukrainian experts believe that our country should not seek to meet with Putin on both sides, but rather to negotiate with Putin as part of an international partnership. The experience on the ground is that, on both sides, Moscow is always deceiving us and putting a lot of pressure on us. All Ukrainian presidents have had such an experience.

Since 2014, Ukrainian diplomacy wants an international one-size-fits-all design. In addition to the so-called Normandy format, Ukraine and Russia can participate in Germany and France, or the Minsk format with the participation of OSCE.

Olexij Hara So, why did President Zhelensky propose a two-pronged approach to Putin?
When Zhelensky was elected in 2019, he was an innocent pacifist. He supported the scale of the conflict, sat down for a meeting with the Russian president and was able to negotiate with him, convincing the public that everything would change.

Zhelensky has sold an evolution common to all Ukrainian princes. Vishni wanted to change relations with Russia. But Moscow never really did that.

Gelenskin’s proposal for a bilateral meeting with Putin is the bite of this original rhetorical pigeon. But I don’t think there’s anything left. On the contrary, it would be dangerous for Ukraine. Putin wants only the surrender of Ukraine. I do not see any reason why Putin should want to meet with the Ukrainian president if Zhelensky holds central positions in Ukraine, such as the occupation of Crimea.

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I don’t think so. Putin’s mind was asleep. Former US President Donald Trump’s Ukraine has recently come under various pressures to help Gelensky compromise on goods against Joe Biden’s son. How is Ukraine’s relations with the current US President Biden?
Unlike President Biden Trump, unlike Trump, Ukraine is behind all our pros and cons. This will be useful for our relations with the United States. On the one hand, Donald Trump provided arms to Ukraine, but on the other hand, he sought to invade Ukraine for US domestic political conflict. This is very dangerous for us. From Jaco Dodo?
In the US Congress, we have the support of the Republicans and the Democrats. We take it very seriously. President Trump sought to use Gelensky as a cover in the domestic political struggle with Democrats. It is dangerous for Ukraine to try to upset this balance, he said, adding that we should only lean to one side. But NM was able to avoid this situation. Some Ukrainian politicians and experts are disappointed that the collapse of Ukraine’s aid is only a verb. How do you feel about that?
Don’t help it. The first sanctions associated with Crimea were really weak. That, too, unfortunately, prompted Putin to give in to the aggression. Following that, strict sanctions were imposed on Russia, known as sectoral sanctions, which the EU extends each year. We take it.

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I can not take the bag or the help of Ukraine is enough. As with back support, this is not always enough. At the end of 2018, when the Russian monarchy shelled Ukrainian ships in neutral waters and captured Ukrainian monks, Zpad did not really punish Russia.

We would be happy if Europe took a better interest in Russia’s North Stream 2 gas pipeline. This is not an economic project, but a political project of the Russian government. So Ukrainian experts believe that the Ukrainian collapse may help the VC, it should be zsadovj and hard. How are they from this noise that Ukraine will soon be a member of the North Atlantic Alliance?
This is not bad for ns, but vs. It seems to me that in NATO they are, unfortunately, a country that does not want Ukraine to be offered full membership in the coalition. In 2008, this was discussed at the Coalition Summit in Bucharest. Germany and France opposed. Russia then invaded Georgia, and six years later invaded Ukraine. How is the support of NATO members in Ukraine?
Until 2014, there was little support for NATO from the Ukrainians. Now, after the Russian occupation, most Ukrainian companies are joining the alliance. Putin is really pushing NATO.

Rusk When did we change the weak support, Ukraine did not show solidarity with the Czech Republic, did not expel Russian diplomats, as Slovakia or the Baltic states did in connection with the involvement of Russian agents in the Vrbtic eruption?
Ukraine has shown solidarity. Czech Foreign Minister Dimitrov Kuleba extended his full support to the Czech Republic in a telephone conversation with Czech Foreign Minister Jakub Gulnek. According to my sources, the Ukrainian government between our countries is cooperating well at the level of the security forces.

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When we take a pregnant Russian ambassador, we drive them out like a dog. (smch) Recently, two Rudd diplomats had to leave Ukraine. This has nothing to do with the Vrbtice case, but it was done at the same time.

I believe it is not a question of who and how many were expelled by Russian diplomats. It is important to talk about how the country is at the forefront of the struggle with Russia. How the earth bears the greatest losses. This is Ukraine. Our soldiers and civilians die when it is called afternoon. He even stood for Easter. Unfortunately, Zpad did not fully realize that we had put Europe and European values ​​first before the Russian occupation.

The author is a reporter in Russia.