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Moscow distances itself from Poland's missile and welcomes American restraint

Moscow distances itself from Poland’s missile and welcomes American restraint

And she said Russian defence In a statement, “All the destruction in the residential neighborhoods of the Ukrainian capital… is a direct result of the fall of anti-aircraft missiles launched by the Ukrainian forces and their self-destruction.”

Its strikes only hit Ukrainian territory, as stated in the statement of the Russian Ministry of Defense.

The statement added that Russia was able to determine that the missile that fell in Poland It is a projectile fired by a defense system S-300 subordinate to the Ukrainian forces.

“We want to point out that the high-precision strikes that were launched on the territory of Ukraine were at a distance of more than 35 kilometers from the Russian border,” the Russian statement said. Polish-Ukrainian border“.

It added that “Russian experts have conclusively determined” the nature of the wreckage found in Poland “as part of an anti-aircraft guided missile (launched) from the S-300 air defense systems of the Ukrainian forces.”

confirmed Russia It destroyed all its targets in its heavy hits UkraineNoting that it targeted the Ukrainian military leadership and energy infrastructure.

The Russian Defense Ministry said, “The goal was achieved, all missiles accurately hit the specified targets, all these sites were destroyed,” adding that they targeted “the Ukrainian military command system and energy facilities associated with it.”

The Kremlin welcomes the American “restraint”.

Today, Wednesday, welcome The Kremlin With American “restraint” in the response to the “Poland missile,” stressing that Russia “has nothing to do” with this incident, which raised severe tensions.

The Kremlin spokesman said Dmitry Peskov “In this regard, it is worth noting a more restrained and more professional reaction from the American side.”

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Peskov denounced “hysteria” on the part of “senior officials of several countries.”

“Russia has nothing to do with the incident that took place in Poland,” he added.