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Moscow is fooling us again, Putin’s mind sleeps, for the world of Ukrainian politics | SVT

We drive out Russian diplomats like a BCM dog. Putin literally pushed to join NATO, in an interview that Professor Helix gave to, a professor of political science at the Kiev-Moliansk Academy. Ukraine has two preferred options when its international partners cover whether or not. However, any help is too weak. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has stated that he wants to meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin. What can be suspended from the Prime Minister’s dialogue?
Ukrainian experts believe that our country should not seek a bilateral meeting with Putin, but to negotiate with Putin as part of international partners. The experience is so on the ground that in the bilateral experiment, Moscow always deceives us and puts pressure on us a lot. All Ukrainian presidents have had such an experience.

Since 2014, Ukrainian diplomats prefer a one-size-fits-all international coordination. In the so-called Normandy formula, it is possible to participate in Germany and France, in addition to Ukraine and Russia, or in the form of Minsk with the participation of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe.

Oxygen is warm So, President Zelensky suggested to Putin a bilateral agreement?
When Zelensky was elected in 2019, he was a gullible pacifist. He called for the level of conflict and convinced the audience that he was able to sit down with the Russian president to meet and negotiate with him and everything would appear.

Zelensky sold a typical development to all Ukrainian presidents. Vishny wanted to adjust relations with Russia. But Moscow never did.

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Zelensk’s proposal for a bilateral meeting with Putin is part of this original rhetorical dove. But I don’t think there will be anything left. On the contrary, it would be dangerous for Ukraine. All Putin wants is the surrender of Ukraine. If Zelensky plays central positions to Ukraine, such as ending the occupation of Crimea, I don’t see any reason why Putin would want to meet with the Ukrainian president. Can there be a pesto meeting to write an armed conflict at the entrance to Ukraine?
I do not think so. Putin’s mind just fell asleep. Ukraine has recently come under various pressure from former US President Donald Trump, who urged Zelensky to help settle materials against Joe Biden’s son. How are Ukraine’s relations with the current US President Biden?
Presumably, President Biden is not from Trump, and unlike Trump, in what Ukraine leaves behind with all our advantages and disadvantages. This is beneficial to our relations with the United States. Donald Trump, on the one hand, supplied arms to Ukraine, but on the other hand tried to invade Ukraine in the American internal political conflict. It was too dangerous for us. from jakho dvodu?
In the US Congress, we are supported by both the Republican and the Democrat. And we take that a lot. President Trump tried to use Zelensky as a card in the internal political struggle with the Democrats. It was dangerous for Ukraine to try to upset this balance, he wanted us to only lean to one side. But Nm managed to avoid this situation.

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Let’s not help that. The first sanctions related to Crimea were already weak. Even that, unfortunately, spurred Putin into aggression. Later, strict restrictions were imposed on Russia, the so-called sectoral sanctions, and the European Union extended every year. We take it.

I can’t carry a bag or help Ukraine is enough. Like back support, it isn’t always strong enough. At the end of 2018, when the Russian monarchy bombed Ukrainian ships in neutral waters and captured Ukrainian monks, Zpad didn’t actually punish Russia.

We would be happy if Europe took better care of the Russian gas pipeline Nord Stream 2. This is not an economic project, but a political project of the Russian government. So Ukrainian experts believe that the collapse of Ukraine can help capital, it must be difficult and difficult. How are they from this noise that Ukraine will soon become a member of NATO?
It’s not bad for ns, but for vs. It seems to me that they are in NATO, unfortunately, a country that does not want Ukraine to be given full membership in the alliance. In 2008, this was discussed at the Alliance Summit in Bucharest. Germany and France opposed. Then Russia invaded Georgia, and six years later it invaded Ukraine. How is NATO membership in Ukraine supported?
Until 2014, NATO had little support from Ukrainians. Now, after the Russian aggression, most Ukrainian companies have joined the alliance. Putin is literally pushing NATO.

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Ukraine showed its solidarity. Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitro Kuliba fully supported the Czech Republic in a telephone conversation with Czech Foreign Minister Jakob Kulnik. According to my sources, the Ukrainian government between our two countries is witnessing very good cooperation at the level of the security forces.

When we take a pregnant Russian diplomat, we drive her like a dog. (smch) Recently, two rude diplomats had to leave Ukraine. It had no official connection to the Vrbtice case, but it took place at the same time.

I think it is not a matter of who and how many Russian diplomats expelled. We have to talk mainly about how the country is in the forefront of the fight with Russia. And how does the land bear the biggest losses. It is Ukraine. Our soldiers and civilians die during what is called this evening. He even stopped at Easter. Unfortunately, Zpad is not fully aware that we put European and European values ​​before Russian aggression.

The writer is a correspondent in Russia.