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رئيس الموساد يدخل على خط  قضية احتجاز أنقرة لإسرائيليين صورا قصر أردوغان

Mossad chief enters the line of the issue of Ankara’s detention of Israelis, photos of Erdogan’s palace

Israel is working in several directions simultaneously, trying to free the couple, Mordi and Natalie Oknin, who were arrested in Turkey for taking photographs of a Turkish presidential palace.

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The head of the Mossad, David Barnea, who is negotiating with his Turkish counterpart in this regard, entered the line on this issue. At the same time, representatives of the Israeli Foreign Ministry are working on the international scene to know the intentions of the Turkish side and listen to its justifications.

Meanwhile, the Turks have not yet made specific demands on the Israeli side. Ankara only says that “Israeli assurances that the couple have nothing to do with the intelligence services have been received and are being verified.”

It was agreed as a result of the efforts of the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs that the Consul in Istanbul, Ronen Levy, would be able to visit Mordi and Natalie in the detention center, while the date of the visit has not been set yet. The head of the Consular Section in the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Rina Djersey, traveled to Turkey to assist the efforts of Israeli diplomats in Istanbul.

Israel considers that granting Turkey permission to visit the Israeli consul for the detainees is a step in the right direction, but it should not place high hopes on it, and it is counting on the speedy release of the Israelis.

The head of the Internal Policy Department of the Israeli Foreign Ministry Sima Duvdivani visited the relatives of the Oknin family in Modi’in on November 15.

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In addition, Foreign Minister Yair Lapid held a special meeting on the release of the couple. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs called on the relatives of the Oknin couple to refrain from public statements and media interviews, while those in turn are working to raise funds to pay the costs associated with the attempts to free “the two Erdogan hostages.”

In this regard, it was reported that Shiraz, Natalie’s daughter, is planning to publish a video asking Israelis to donate money for the release of her relatives.

It is noteworthy that on November 12, a court in Turkey extended the detention of the spouses Mordi and Natalie Oknin for 20 days, after they were detained in Istanbul by Turkish intelligence. It was expected that Turkey would deport the Israelis, but the court took a decision described as unexpected at the request of the Public Prosecution, and attributed the detention to the fact that the detainees are suspected of military or political espionage, and they are accused of “photographing security points and surveillance cameras.”

It is reported that the Okinen couple were arrested in Istanbul for photographing President Recep Tayyip Erdogan’s palace. Like many tourists, they recorded their impressions on camera. The Israelis did not know that Turkish laws forbid photographing the presidential palace.

After the Turkish court ruling, Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid spoke with members of the Oknin family, and assured them that the Israeli authorities were doing everything possible to release Mordi and Natalie.