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Most Czechs still use tin incorrectly.  Years later, Lady Emma discovers something important that she cannot be proud of

Most Czechs still use tin incorrectly. Years later, Lady Emma discovers something important that she cannot be proud of

Tin foil can help us a lot at home. Many people only use it automatically in one way and don’t consider one side to be matte and the other to be glossy. But it offers more uses than just fast food packaging.

Glossy or glossy side?

How do you use it correctly? When do you pack food with the matte side up and when is the shiny side up? It’s simple: the matte side transfers heat and the shiny side reflects it back. So, if you want food wrapped in aluminum foil to stay warm for as long as possible, wrap it with the matte side in and the shiny side out. Conversely, when preparing meat or potatoes with tin foil in the oven or on the grill, roll them with the shiny side in and the dull side out.

He will help you in the garden and in the workshop

When you cut it into pieces and mix it into the soil, it can repel insects. In the workshop, you can sharpen dull scissors with its help. Simply fold the tin foil and cut it with scissors and it will be beautifully sharp.

Do you like highlights?

It also has its indispensable place in hairdressing. It is used in bleaching and highlighting the hair. With its help, you can also create beautiful waves at home, even without curlers. We cut it into sheets and make rolls from it. Then wind the individual strands on it. Finally, it can also be useful for regular hair wraps or for nail care – it will help speed up nail polish removal.

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How do you clean jewelry? aluminum foil

It is also an indispensable assistant when cleaning and polishing jewelry. Works well when cleaning silver jewelry and larger items. Just crush it and use it instead of wire. You can also clean the iron by running it over the foil a few times – but it should be hot.

The calorific value of the radiators

You can also use it in the winter. With the shiny side out, place the foil on the radiator or on the wall behind it. Thanks to its insulating properties, the heating value will increase, and you will have a warmer home. In short, tin foil is universal, and you should always have it at home.

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