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Most people charge their phones poorly.  There is a risk of battery damage or fire

Most people charge their phones poorly. There is a risk of battery damage or fire

The battery is an essential component of every mobile phone. However, many people have no idea how to properly charge the device. As a result, you may shorten your battery life. Learn which bad habits are best to avoid.

Most smartphones contain lithium batteries. According to experts, after about 500 cycles of charging and discharging, the original capacity will begin to decrease, that is, after less than two years of daily charging. Often people do not know that some of their bad habits are damaging the battery and can significantly shorten its life. According to experts, every mobile phone owner should avoid five bad habits when charging it.

There is no need to fully discharge the battery

Each full charge reduces battery life by one cycle. However, many people think that it is better to charge and discharge a mobile phone properly. “It is always best to only charge the battery to 80%, for example, and not allow it to fully discharge, while keeping it charged. Extreme transitions from a fully discharged phone do not indicate a fully charged battery, on the contrary, there is a gradual decrease in battery capacity

However, this does not mean that people have to charge their cell phones when the battery capacity is only reduced by a small percentage. According to experts, it is better to connect the device to the power source when the battery capacity drops to 10%.

Charging at night

It is usual for a large number of people to charge their phones overnight. This can be very harmful to the battery, as the phone is still charging frequently, even after reaching the maximum capacity. However, with modern devices, recharging should not be such an issue.

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“Modern smartphones use technology that allows you to monitor the user’s daily routine and keep track of the number of hours they sleep and the time they wake up. The device charges quickly to about 70% and then the whole process slows down until the battery reaches full capacity around the moment the user wakes up,” Tlapak said.

Attention to powerbank

Although a power bank can be a big rescue for us on the road, for example, it is not a good idea to use it to charge your mobile phone for a long time. These devices are not a complete power source. In addition, it generates a lot of heat when charging, which can damage the battery.

Do not use the phone on the charger

Many people are used to using the phone even when it is connected to the charger. However, this is a big mistake. “Playing games, using the camera or other challenging applications causes a lot of heat to be generated for the smartphone processor. However, heat is generated during the charging itself, and this can significantly reduce battery life,” Tlapak added.

Phone overheating

Many people don’t even realize what could be causing their smartphone to overheat. It is best to take the mobile phone out of its case while charging. It is dangerous to hide the mobile phone under the pillow when charging. Experts warn that in some cases the pillow can begin to burn.

People also make a big mistake if they put their cell phones near a heat source. Therefore, if you usually charge from a socket near the radiator, according to experts, it will be better to find somewhere else in the house.

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