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Mother’s pension Tuesday. Thanks to them, I can give it whatever I want, whenever I want, to the founder of ShipMonk startup, Jan Biden

ShipMonk is founded by Jan Biden in the USA, and the startup has a development center in Prague and a western distribution center for Europe.
author’s squf; Hunza Mudra

Jean Biden is living his American dream. He moved to Florida when he was in middle school, and from his delivery home he developed the ShipMonk business, one of the largest logistics companies in the USA. With revenues approaching ten billion, Europe and the New York Stock Exchange occupy the Nasdaq.

MJan Biden started driving at a traffic light. At the beginning of the year, he sold funds of Summit Partners and Periphas Capital a stake in the logistics company ShipMonk for the amount of eight billion kroner. Even when colleagues from the management of the company and previous investments took a hundred of this huge amount, the money went completely into his pocket.

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