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Moufid Fawzy: Sad about Mortada Mansour's departure from Zamalek

Moufid Fawzy: Sad about Mortada Mansour’s departure from Zamalek

The journalist, Mofeed Fawzy, confirmed that the Zamalek club was greatly affected by the departure of Mortada Mansour, the former president.

Murtada Mansour state
Moufid Fawzy said in statements to the “Primo” program via “Ten” channel during his dialogue with the media, Islam Sadiq: “Zamalek was free of administrative and financial problems during the term of the Council of Mortada Mansour, and no crises appeared between the players, as he succeeded in introducing many financial resources to the club, He achieved many achievements in various games, and it was not only football, and I was very saddened by his departure from the White Castle.

Hussein Labib, head of the committee that runs the Zamalek club, confirmed that the White Castle is one of the largest sports castles in Egypt, the Arab world and Africa, and a sports and community institution.

And he added, during his speech on the “Zamalkawi” program on “Zamalek” channel: The duration of the temporary committee’s work is 5 months, and the responsibility is great and the task is heavy, and the fans must support the club in the coming period.

He continued, “Zamalek’s doors are open to all the club’s symbols, and the committee is ready to benefit from the experiences of lovers to provide the best for the White Castle.”

He continued: “We are at the same distance from all people, and we do not engage in any battles with any people, and we met with the great broadcaster Fahmy Omar and then businessman Mamdouh Abbas, and we welcome the reception of all the former club presidents, including Counselor Mortada Mansour and Dr. Kamal Darwish, and we wish to reject personal differences. In order to make the Zamalek club the best in the world.”

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And he continued: “We agreed as a committee that the rights of the Zamalek club should not be neglected through the regulations and laws applied in Egypt, and we are trying to restore discipline and order in all the sports team in the club.”

Regarding the financial file, Hussein Labib explained: “When we took charge, we found the situation uncomfortable, and we were able, as a committee, within a week to enter about 100 million pounds to the Zamalek club, and part of the dues of the players in the football team and the rest of the sports teams were paid, and a check from a fan came to us for 5 million pounds after the announcement About the idea of ​​opening the door for donations in favor of Zamalek.

He added: “Many people are convinced and believe in the idea of ​​supporting the Zamalek club, and the club’s financial policy. Currently, there is a so-called permanent development of financial resources and not relying on the idea of ​​donations from lovers, through unconventional ideas and outside the box.”

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