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Movie geek who watched 'Spiderman' 292 times in honor of his grandmother

Movie geek who watched ‘Spiderman’ 292 times in honor of his grandmother

An American man broke a strange record by watching the last “Spiderman” movie 292 times.

The movie “Spider-Man: No Way Home” broke box office records for 2021, which helped a Florida moviegoer, Ramiro Alanis, break the record for “most cinema productions attended by the same film.”

According to Indy, Annales spent 720 hours, or 30 days, watching a two-hour 28-minute movie, including action badges, not to mention spending about $3,400 on tickets.

It seems that this is not the first time that Alanis has broken this world record, as he achieved this “honor” once in 2019 by recording 191 views of the movie (Avengers Endgame), breaking the record previously held by Joan Connor in Australia, which I watched the movie (Bohemian Rhapsody) 108 times earlier that year.

And Annalise was recently subjected to losing his title by Arnaud Klein, who in 2020 watched the French movie Kaamelott: First 204 times.

For Annalise to be eligible to keep the new number, part of the rules meant he wasn’t allowed to take a nap, use his phone or go to the toilet while the movie was on the big screen, a lesson he soon learned when trying to register it last after 11 were disqualified from watching it because he took a break. in the bathroom.

He was also required to provide his movie tickets as evidence and also obtain a statement from the cinema to confirm that Alanis would stay throughout the film.
In order to win the title, Alanis watched the film five times a day for the first few weeks and noted that the late-night scenes were the most difficult as multiple scenes gave him a headache.

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Of course, having watched the film 292 times, it is no longer surprising that the young man could read the dialogue along with the film, which he did exactly on his last show.

Alanis decided to set the record again in honor of his grandmother Joan, who passed away two years ago before seeing her grandson’s achievement in the Guinness Book of Records.

“She was my first supporter and I want to keep the record holder,” he said.

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