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«Ms.  Marvel»...the first Muslim superhero

«Ms. Marvel»…the first Muslim superhero

For the first time, a Muslim character will be the superhero in a new series produced by Marvel Studios, a subsidiary of Walt Disney Studios.

Marvel Studios announced that the title of its upcoming series is “Ms. Marvel” (Miss Marvel), and that the name of the main character is “Kamala Khan” who embodies a superhero played by actress Iman Vilani, a Canadian teenager of Pakistani descent.

Commenting on the public impact she expects for this character, Filani said: “I expect the character of Miss Marvel to have a great impact on many people, especially on young Muslims and adolescents who have not seen themselves in a positive light before, whether in reality or on screens.

I really hope this work will give them what comics did in my childhood.”

The creators and screenwriters of the series “Ms. Marvel said they were inspired by the Muslim superhero character Kamala Khan from their teenage experiences with Muslim girls in Western societies.

The series tells the story of its superhero, Khan, a Muslim American teenager who lives with her family in New Jersey, but her life begins to change radically when she acquires supernatural abilities.

In an effort to emulate the heroes she looks up to, Khan takes on the identity of “Ms. Marvel» is passionate about games and superhero stories, and has a wide imagination, especially when it comes to Captain Marvel.

At the beginning of the story of the series, which is full of suspense and excitement, we see that teenage Kamala struggles to reconcile multiple identities, as she is a high school student and faces bullies because of the color of her skin, her religion, and because she is a Muslim who goes to the mosque with her family to pray.

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But in the midst of this struggle, Kamala discovers that she has supernatural powers that make her able to release wondrous energy waves from her bracelets and make her invisible. The Muslim teen soon realizes that she possesses superpowers like the superheroes she has always looked up to.

From this point, Kamala’s adventures journey begins, in which she must balance her studies and family life on the one hand, and her supernatural works on the other.

The series “Miss Marvel” will start showing on “Disney+” channel, starting on Wednesday, June 8.

It is noteworthy that Marvel Studios introduced Kamala Khan as a secondary character for the first time in 2013. Now, after 9 years, the character has her own series in which she plays the lead role.