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Msto nov Larry Strci Galaxie. Square Enix show surprised عرض

After an engaging presentation for Microsoft (see n linkWe only got 45 minutes to rest and a conference was held on us. The Japanese company Square Enix is ​​mainly known for its bad single player games, which we have the biggest weakness in the editorial office. So our score was high.


Nejvt komern potencil z pedstavench her m bez debat Marvels Guardians of the Galaxy.

Given that the character of Tomb Raider is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year (see n link), we could not expect anything less from the long declared debt of this legendary company.

Unfortunately, this did not happen. Instead, we got a completely unexpected game from the world of Strc Galaxy (Guardians of the Galaxy). For fans, the movie is a dream come true, for everyone else, at least for an interesting dark event with AAA standards. There is never enough of them.

At first glance, the game looks a lot like Avengers, but it’s cut short by all the remaining live service mods. The authors literally point out that there will be more DLC or microtransactions, which is definitely a good thing at first. You must graduate on June 26th. Let’s hope it gets better, not when they tried to tackle the same Telltale license (nae reconsidering)

After this surprising news, Square Enix turned to the past. They are a modified version of the first six lengths of Final Fantasy and the classic JRPG Legend of Mana. It should be noted that this is really just a remake, not a remake, so don’t expect the games to look more straightforward. The rest of their ambitions is evidenced by the fact that they will also be available on mobile phones.

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Notes from the DLC to the late Marvels Avengers slump (nae reconsidering) Plus upcoming mobile games are exactly the kind we don’t want to see at E3 conferences initially, so you’ll jump straight to the next potential outcome. There is nothing else but a long-awaited novelty from Platinum Games (Nier, Bayonetta …) called Babylons Fall.

After those years since the horse was first announced, we’ve been able to see a trailer from the game and the famous studio’s script clearly visible in it. Epick pbh and the rest of the scene is not missing, the only noticeable novelty compared to the previous features is that it is called a live service game, i.e. instead of a closed pbhu, the creators will regularly add and add content to the game.

Bad or bad time, let’s leave it that, according to YouTube likes, fans seem to be more disappointed. Mon is the bottom and the fact that the only two platforms the game will come on are PlayStation 4 and 5.

To introduce the new religion Life is Strange dolo uv beznu (see n link) And even the last show didn’t make us feel a bit embarrassed. Yes, Life is Strange looks like you’ll probably play Life is Strange, but given the totally cute main characters, it still feels like a cheap series for sad teens. But let’s not wear the pants in front of Ford, these characters built on emotions and human relationships are simply part of the mainstream show of E3 crashes.

Just as Final Fantasy fans have made a difference, they’re likely to be a little different, not far behind in the original. Instead of the excerpt from the expected debt of the popular RPG srie, we received a new trailer for Stranger of Paradise, with the subtitle Final Fantasy Origins.

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It looks like a mix of Devil May Cry and Dark Souls, which makes me very interesting. We’ll say more and try out the beta, which is now available to all PS5 console owners. The full version will be available in 2022 on all major platforms, including PC.

And that’s it. It wasn’t all bad, but we really love the alien Tomb Raider, and we’re pretty disappointed. How are you doing?