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"Mubatala Sponsorship" British Institute of Leadership and Management - UAE - offers news and reporting training programs

“Mubatala Sponsorship” British Institute of Leadership and Management – UAE – offers news and reporting training programs

Mubadala Healthcare revealed that it has become the first healthcare network in the region to develop and deliver specialized training programs accredited by reputed and well-known leadership and management companies in the United Kingdom to enhance staff leadership skills. Working on a network of world-class facilities, in line with its vision and firm commitment to bring about positive changes in the regional health landscape.

The initiative is in line with tireless efforts to use the Mubatala Healthcare Network’s education and training programs as effective tools to improve the quality and effectiveness of health standards in general, and to contribute to improving the sustainability of the healthcare system by developing and refining Emirati capabilities.

The two new flagship projects will be a strong addition to the training programs currently offered by the Mubatala Healthcare Network, and will provide an integrated, comprehensive and personalized approach to excellence in all work roles in a variety of sectors, and support emiratization policy at all levels and sectors.


Hassan Jassim Al Nowis, CEO of Mubatala Healthcare, said the main objective of the new leadership programs is to provide employees with the best skills and expertise in the field, which is reflected in the health services provided to patients. He pointed out that the provision of internationally recognized training programs tailored to the needs and requirements of the healthcare sector both domestically and regionally would support the preparation of a new generation of talented leaders who can effectively contribute to the promotion and promotion of innovation and research activities. Quality of maintenance standards.

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Al Nowis pointed out that about 60% of the staff nominated to participate in capacity building programs are from the UAE. This will contribute in the long run to improving the sustainability of the country’s health sector by increasing the number of Emirates. Have the leadership skills needed to start a new era. One of the leaders in the health landscape in the region.

By conducting ongoing assessments, Mubatala Healthcare has identified employees who have demonstrated significant levels of talent and talent to join two new skills development programs. The first program, called Boost, is a three-month course targeting assistants and junior experts. The second program, called Advance, is a six-month course aimed at professionals and managers.


The UK Institute of Leadership and Management independently verifies that both projects meet its leading and proven standards, as well as ensuring that they cover the five dimensions of loyalty: loyalty, vision, achievement, entitlement and cooperation. Upon successful completion of both programs, employees will be awarded Certificates of Achievement. From the leadership and management company.