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Mubdoun: A prestigious place for Nabati and classical poetry in the Emirates

The United Arab Emirates attaches great importance to poetry, in both its Nabati and classical forms. Its creators enjoy all forms of support through the cultural and poetic projects that the state embraces, in the belief that poetry is one of the pillars of consolidating cultural identity.

Poetry has its fans who choose their poets carefully, and many seek to write poetry. Because the poet has a special place in the hearts of the public, and in the midst of the great spread of popular Nabati poetry, it was necessary to question the presence of eloquent poetry in events and festivals.

“Al-Bayan” surveyed the opinions of a number of poets and researchers to shed light on this subject, as they confirmed the prestigious position and strong presence of Nabati and Eloquent poetry in the United Arab Emirates.

In the context, the Emirati writer and researcher, Abdullah Abdul Rahman, confirmed that eloquent poetry is strongly present locally and in the Arab world, and Nabati poetry also maintains its brilliance on all occasions and events hosted by the country.

He added: «At the local level, we find interest in eloquent poetry, and also interest in popular poetry, represented by the existence of a private academy, in addition to heritage institutions, and we see that Nabati poetry takes its right prominently, and the compilation and documentation of the achievements of poets confirmed the value of ancient poets such as Bin Dhaher and Al-Jamri. And many others, and studies were conducted on their poems.

He continued: «Earthentic Arabic poetry enjoys a remarkable presence, and receives attention from the state and its private institutions, and we also have academies for eloquent poetry, and there are poetry houses at the local level, and we also have an Emirati poet who won the Sharjah Prize for eloquent poetry recently, she is the Emirati poet Sheikha Al-Mutairi, and this is an indication It is clear that the government is interested in eloquent poetry and its poets, and there is no doubt that eloquent poetry will remain present in our society, and we do not forget the Prince of Poets program, which was able to pay attention to many talents and honor real poets, and open the door to criticism through special arbitration committees that have a long history in eloquent poetry. Poetry in the Emirates includes both Nabati and classical.

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In turn, the Emirati poet Ahmed Al-Assem emphasized the status of eloquent poetry, which does not shake in front of any other form of literature and poetry. He continued, “The UAE cared about Nabati and eloquent poetry, so that lovers of both would continue.”

For his part, the Emirati poet Khaled Al-Budour stressed the importance of always returning to the original mother, which is the classical Arabic language, adding: “Poets will continue to write in it and savor it as the language of an entire ‘nation’, indicating that eloquent poetry has its place and presence in various events, as well as Nabataean ». .

The Emirati poet, Sheikha Al-Mutairi, winner of the Sharjah Arab Poetry Festival in the 19th session, where she was honored by His Highness Sheikh Dr. Poetry in the classical language, and she never doubted the predominance of any of the two colors, especially during her direct meetings with the audience on various occasions, in which she was surprised every time by the extent of the audience’s love for the two poetic colors, stressing at the same time that the poet is the one who creates that living spirit that ignites the poem and makes it prevail. On any hair color.