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Much of the Queen’s work. The stadiums were flooded with thousands of people, invitations and meetings

Last year, the athletes gathered at the stadiums on June 1 as part of the eventTogether at the beginning. At the time, more than 17,000 athletes, along with the Czech Republic, celebrated the end of the sports season, in the best way they know – seductively.

It will be different this year. It will be the middle of the second red of temptation as much as it is free, tenacity and, above all, a fun time in sports. On the sports grounds, they will meet as part of the project Athletes Together – A Day with Czech Athletics Like pznivci krlovny sports, and takovho sport.

Accompanying programs will be prepared in the form of sports workshops, games, signatures, and other ineligible activities. Children will have the opportunity to experience individual sports disciplines and learn something about the history and rules of athletics, the Czech Athletic Association is the piblin program.

But children are not the only ones who witnessed the event. The main goal of the project is not just to return children to athletics and regular exercise. The door will also be open for those who would like to know the beauty of athletics, and the organizers’ association explanation.

Everyone dedicates a Sports Day according to their abilities. For more details, it is worth checking out the sports sections in the region for more details.


Flyer for the ‘Athletes Together’ event

Darkness on this sports holiday. I am happy that athletes are going to spend their day. Children train for sport and soon get seduced The world record holder and two-time Olympic champion on goal by Barbora Butkov said this is very important.

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In addition to sponsoring the project, three-time competition champion in the 400m, Pavel Maslik, European indoor ball throwing champion Tom Stank, and marathon runner Marcela Youglov, who met the maximum for the Olympic Games in Tokyo in April, joined us.

The first Joglov will be the sponsor of the event taking place on Wednesday 2nd June – Virtulnho Sports. We will inform you of his appearance and your fans of athletics will determine him, says the Czech Athletics Federation. Depending on the divisions department, seducers must choose between running or walking the five kilometers. Anyone wishing to participate – bci, veterni, cell families, cork-infected mothers, and more – will be able to participate.

On the same day, there is a full race for the European Championship, where the elite Czech athletes must perform. For this to happen, the applicant must obtain an exemption from the Ministry of Health.