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Muchov threw the world’s second two jackets into clay in Madrid

Karolna Moshov celebrated the victory in the second round of the tournament in Madrid.
| picture: AP

Karolna Belkov will play Sunday in Madrid to qualify for the third round, in which Petra Kvitov will also play on Saturday. Ku published ek duel with Anastasia Pavljuenkova.

Sacov in Madrid’s hand: Pause and call


“I wouldn’t say it’s a surprise to me, but I appreciate the trophies,” said Twenty Matchoffs at an online press conference for the World Conference.

She said with a laugh that it was salvation, but I was ready for what I had and took all my weapons, and I am glad she succeeded.

The 21-year-old Macchoff, who had just returned to the game a week ago after two months of exercising the Binho pound muscles, had overheated her jacket since the arrest and continued her self-confidence halfway through. I spent time getting arrested, helping myself with pmmi points and trying to convince Naomi a lot. This was my tactic, Macchoff said.

As in the first set, the second opponent broke the ground in the third inning, but then withdrew from the game. While the Japanese clung to the ground and made mistakes. When Naomi’s break was disrupted, the play started more forcefully and it killed me, I say, and commented on the role of Mucha. She drank twice for service and had to fight in the group.

Even at a nanometer, I immediately left the water in the water thanks to the use of a fraction ball and did not allow the soup to return. I quickly returned to my world, played all the way, tried to start it, diversified and succeeded, and until the end of the race, Muchov praised.

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She lost only twice in her race, the Australian Open champion, on the other hand, took the race once and less than two hours later, her dad beat her scalp bumps off the top of the World Cup this season.

One tour of Madrid

Clay, subsidy of 2,549,105 million euros

Singles – second round:
You see (PBUH) – Sakov (2-Yap) 6: 4, 3: 6, 6: 1


His tournament in Munich

Mud, support 481 270 euros

Singles – Finle:
Basilavelli (5-George) – Struve (7 nm) 6: 4, 7: 6 (7: 5).

Blank – final:
Koolhof, Krawietz (1-Niz./Nm.) – Jill, Flegen (3 Plug) 4: 6, 6: 4, 10: 5

Challenger awarded him the 2021 Ostrava Open Championship

Mud, support 44,820 euros

Singles – Finle:
Bonzi (3-Fr.) – Olivo (Arg.) 6: 4, 6: 4

ITF tour of Monastir

Clay, grant of $ 15,000

Singles – Finle:
Kelnarov (3 – p.) – Vesmaneov (5 Lot) 6: 4, 7: 6 (7: 5)